ChatGPT Is Awesome. It Won’t Take Our Jobs

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Hey everybody what up all right so I’ve Had a few people ask me about the chat GPT and uh that is the open AI project That has come out recently that Everybody seems to be talking about And uh once again the discussion is that It’s probably going to take our jobs and Just I’m gonna give my thoughts on that Um so this sort of reminds me Um it will really for the last 10 years I think we’ve had this artificial Intelligence explosion and it’s sort of Settled down I think it’ll last a year Or two uh but we always we’ve had this Conversation of like this is going to Take our jobs and our jobs are going to Be done away with and really for the Last hundred years Maybe since like the conveyor belts and Uh Industrial Revolution and all that That we have had Industries get their Jobs wiped out and sometimes it’s been Overnight essentially And programming is a field I think for The longest time that we’ve now been Talking about that our jobs are going to Be done away with But I think as we’ve seen over the last Decades of computer science that every Time we have these new advancements they Are tools and they’re allowing us to do Our jobs better Uh but they’re not replacing our jobs so It reminds me of a visual studio and

Teller code this was where they had an AI assisted development where instead of Intellisense Um you had intellicode and was using AI To predict what your code was supposed To do and then you had GitHub recently GitHub co-pilot come out and I know a Lot of people are actually like you know Really fond of GitHub copilot I used it For a little while I do think it’s cool Uh but I actually don’t use it day to Day for the most part the code that it Spits out you still have to understand How it works and it does allow you to Skip a lot of boilerplate but we’ve had You know a lot of those tools I think For a long time now Software is just way more than that it’s Way more than than printing out Boilerplate I I can’t go into everything That it is because that would be like I Think an entirely different video but From what I’ve seen Writing code is actually a fraction of What you do as a software developer Especially as you move up in the ranks And you have to start actually uh do you Know architectural work and you’re in Business meetings and you’re working With project managers and jira backlogs And everything that we do day to day and Uh it’s a you know like I said there’s Probably a fraction amount of that time That you actually are writing code

So while that said yeah this chat GPT Is hell of impressive though man um I’ve Seen some of the Articles and the tweets and everything That are coming out of the you know Really interesting things that that People are asking it um I saw this Article where somebody had asked it how Do you remove a peanut butter sandwich From a VCR seems very random the first Thing when I saw that I was like well That seems scripted or it’s almost like You know somebody from open AI like you Know created this and asked that Question and this thing like spit it out But I think after I read it and I looked Into it and I tried chat gbt that I Realized like well this thing is Actually like spitting out some pretty Impressive Linguistics I would I would Uh call it this is natural language Processing Open AI has access to just uh you know Petabytes of data that it’s just chewing Over and over again to try to understand The human language and when we look at Human language it’s a very important Thing when Google was first getting Started they hired linguistic experts From around the world to help them Understand search terminologies and like Somebody asked in this way and this is The results we’re getting and why is it This and like you know just truly

Understanding the human language and how We actually interact and verbally Communicate with one another That is how Google it’s one of the main Well maybe not Maine but it’s one of the Big things that they did Very well in order to create a very good Search engine that we still use today With chat GPT I I do think that you have To start reevaluating the Turing test That we’ve had going back since the 1950s where essentially the the question Is and this is the image that would best Describe it if you had a computer Talking and giving feedback to a human And then you had a human in group b here So group a is a computer Group B is the Human and then you have C and there’s a Wall and he doesn’t know whether or not He’s communicating with the computer or The person if this person in C could not Tell the difference between a or b Then You would uh pass the Turing test but to Date we’ve had all kinds of different Um just chat Bots and stuff like that And and you quickly know like when You’re on a website and you’re like ah Damn it it’s a chatbot not a human like And then good luck getting anything in Resolve with a human these days anyway I Mean if you do actually have a human on The other side they’re usually uh rather Worthless anytime I’ve ever had to deal

With those types of things but they’re Better than the actual computers at Least they have been now where I find That these chat Bots have been very Effective is when they’re products that Either they’re very supervised in in Their nature of like what it is that You’re trying to do like if you’re at an Auto parts store and you’re asking Questions about an auto parts or you’re At like a Toyota dealership and you’re Asking questions about Toyota right Those are very like structured and you Can build results I think based on you Could have literally 10 000 questions And probably You know answer though pretty much most People’s problems with those question Sets but when you leave it wide open Like chat GPT where you could literally Ask it anything That is where it’s like truly impressive And I think that This isn’t going to take our job in Short but I do think that we’re on the Verge of some sort of uh Natural language processing explosion And we’ve certainly seen some major Advancements in Ai and I would still Argue that there’s still no artificial General intelligence but we probably Aren’t that far away from something That does have remote capabilities of Thinking on its own and uh that is

Probably truly terrifying I mean we just Recently had the um the recent art um Article come out about The fusion uh Revolution essentially or Whatever they’ve been they’ve been Working on for the last 40 50 60 years Um I’m not even going to go into that Again that’s a separate video I don’t Even understand it but if we could build Something like the sun or something that That actually outputs more energy than We put into it and that’s an amazing Thing and you know we could create some It could change Humanity so chat GPT Could also possibly do that in the Future but I don’t know that we’re there Yet and here’s an example I signed up For chat GPT and the first thing I asked It was something that I knew a rather Large amount about and that is history And specifically American history and While I know a lot about World War one And World War II I’ve spent a lot of Time in American Civil War history just Because I grew up around a lot of Battlefields and uh it was just I would Go walk in a good place to just unwind After coding all day and uh but I would Read all the signs and eventually I Started reading books and I learned Everything there was pretty much to know About it I could talk about it for days On end and specifically though George Armstrong Custer is also something that

I could talk about for days on end I Know all about his life and that’s Really about the way that he died and He’s a controversial figure so I’m not Going to really comment on that but the Reason why he’s significant is he was a Union Civil War uh youngest Brigadier General ever uh to be promoted into that Position he really saved the day at Gettysburg against Jeb Stewart and um he Was also there at Appomattox someone uh General Lee from the south uh Surrendered the table that he signed the Surrender on um was actually given to George Armstrong Custer so he was a Uh politician he was a celebrity of his Time he graduated bottom of his class so I can sort of relate to that because I Never did all that well in school and um Anyway he had balls of steel when it Came to Leading Calvary charges he was In a lot of major battles and uh and he Certainly carried his weight in the Civil War His controversy Um mostly was after the Civil War he was A real dick people referred to him as General hard ass but okay let me get Back to the point of why I think Chad Gbt is not quite ready to take our jobs Because I asked it a question about Uh General Custer so the question I Posed to chat GPT was who was George Custer

And as I was reading this I was like Pretty impressed with the amount of Content that this thing spit out in Regards to who he was and why he was Significant But as I read it I I one thing was Glaringly obvious of that that was not Accurate about this initial question That was asked and and the most Concerning thing is that if you don’t Really know about the subject matter Little things like this is going to leak Through so we’re already seeing that That that stack Overflow is being Spammed with answers that aren’t quite Right and this could end up applying to All kinds of blogs and everything out There it’s going to really litter the Internet with probably inaccurate Information more so than we currently Already deal with but as I was reading Through this it did get a lot right in Regards to like why he was significant Where he grew up and uh the part that Actually jumps out though is that it Says in 1867 customer was assigned to The Department of the Missouri where he Was tasked with fighting against Native American tribes on the Great Plains he Led several successful campaigns against The Cheyenne Arapaho and other tribes Earning him the nickname boy general for His youthful appearance and daring Exploits that is factually wrong and the

Reason why is because as I mentioned Before Custer’s exploits are really About the fact that he was a brave Daring dashing leader during the American Civil War which occurred from 1861 to 1865 and his really greatest Moment was probably 1863 at Gettysburg So the point being though is that he was 23 years old at the time and he was Called a boy General back then so his Name was not given to him as boy General While he was fighting Native Americans Out west long after the Civil War ended So that little small detail might seem Insignificant to some but for anybody That knows anything about this Particular piece of History like you’re Going to look at this and be like Whoever wrote it clearly doesn’t know What they’re talking about like this is Um you know they miss the nickname by Decades and those minor subtle Differences are things that I think are Really going to pollute the internet and We have to be very careful of if we’re Actually going to look at this as like a Wikipedia source of information And uh here’s the follow-up question so I did ask and to its credit as a Separate question why was Custer called Boy General so it knew to build upon That and it sort of looked into it a Little bit more and then it figured out Okay I was asking specifically why did

He come up why was that title given and You could see that it did accurately Answer it it was saying because it was Useful appearance and during exploits as A Calvary Commander however that would You know they should probably also say During the Civil War but they also said You know well they mentioned Civil War Despite his young age Custer had already Distinguished himself as a skilled and Brave officer during the Civil War and He was known for his audacious and Sometimes Reckless tactics on the Battlefield His yeah so this is all I think rather Interesting you know bottom line I think Chat GPT is going to be Um probably not the thing that is going To actually like really Advance us and Humanity but at the same time it’s I Think we’re going to be one of those Things that is going to be a tool that Will allow us to be more productive like The printing press like the automobile Uh like the airplane things like that Um This will help people but it’s not going To write articles and as soon as you Actually get it to start actually Writing articles especially about Subjects that are even lesser known than Something like this because literally There’s hundreds of books written on This subject anyway his most significant

And the most interesting piece of why I’m even interested in it is because of His uh the battle of the Little Bighorn Where he was wiped out uh by the Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne in 1867. and it’s Even to this day it’s probably the most Uh stunning American defeat of all time So yeah again to wrap this up I do think Chat GPT is pretty awesome it’s really The best chatbot that I’ve seen to date We’re definitely making advances It can’t possibly take our job though When it gets minor subtle issues like This wrong on the first question asked Because if you don’t know about the Subject matter you can’t rely on this to Be accurate and clearly the first Question I ask is not accurate I’ve Asked it some follow-up things I thought It was um rather intelligent when I Asked the stuff on other subjects but Again there was like minor Inconsistencies And that’s a real big problem if we’re Going to actually start spamming the Entire internet with these types of Responses and putting tweets out there And giving philosophical advice or Economical advice and things of that Nature this is a subject matter that There’s again thousands of books written On or maybe not thousands but definitely Hundreds so where does it sit when it When we’re talking about computer coding

Problems and things like that those are Also quite wrong quite a bit there’s Little subtle things that are wrong About it so that’s why stack Overflow Banned this from being able to be used To answer questions on its Forum the Internet’s not ready for this Uh because we’re you know unfortunately We’re all idiots and myself included and You don’t know what you don’t know and If we think that this thing is some sort Of sentient being that has like actual True answers it clearly doesn’t not at This time but can it can be a tool to Actually really help us And I do think in the future we’re Probably not too far off from this thing Being a Major Tool and it probably will Outsource and Um get rid of quite a few jobs but Sometimes when Industries die they Create new Industries and there could be New Industries created that are actually Like Parsing through all this stuff people That actually know what they’re talking About and they’re still going to have to Be fact checking that’s going to be done So again I think it’s a crazy time to be Alive we’re lucky we’re fortunate we’re Probably going to see some major Advancements I think maybe in the next 20 years we Could see some basic general

Intelligence And from there you know things could Definitely Skyrocket so Crazy times don’t think it’s taken our Jobs though thanks for watching Everybody have a good night take care if You’re learning the code I recommend you Check out my website my Courses are fast to the point without The fluff that you’ll find on other Competitor sites like pluralsight and Udemy one of the reasons why you’ll want To learn with me is that I’m a Self-taught engineer myself I never went To school for any of this stuff I’ve Been doing it for over a decade now Professionally the biggest reason you Should use code Hawk is that it’s one Price for everything I try to make this As affordable as possible instead of Having to purchase 15 to 20 different Courses on udemy or an expensive monthly Subscription to pluralsight it’s one Price for everything on code Hawk front End back end full stack it has courses On all the latest web development Technology the courses range from Beginner to Advanced so if you want to Learn the latest web technology give Codehawk a look there’s demos for all of The courses that are out there right now In addition there’s also my personal Vlogs which I’ll be adding more to so Content that I don’t release to YouTube

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