chatgpt does regex

In my series of short movies about devops & chatgpt we now enter the world of AI powered regular expressions – yet again my mind is blown – this time featuring a guest star!

In this crazy world of Chad GPT I have a Guest star you are the guest star what Is your name And now mean Hillel will look at the Future this is Chad GPT for devops part Four I think And here what I want to you know a big Part of devops is Regis So let us create the regex that will Match the first and last number In the second word of the following Sentence one this thing seven and eight So let’s see how cha GPT deals with the World of regex So we asked this question Um Well I have a feeling that charging Piti Is slightly more proficient than English Than Hilo here okay So Foreign So it’s explaining the regex it gave How it matched And explaining the different objects it Uses And uh Now it’s giving an example in Python you Understand this ill and it’s it’s crazy This is crazy technology this is the Future you understand this is the future Tell them is this the future Yes this is the future That’s all folks There’s a chat GPT for devops bye

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