ChatGPT and the Future

A short meditation on Artificial Intelligence and the way it provokes simultaneous elation and dread. #fyp #storytime #chatgpt #history #technology

Foreign All week I’ve been experimenting with a Tool called chat GPT You’ve probably heard of this haven’t You it’s an artificial intelligence chat Bot that takes natural language Instructions and can help users do all Kinds of things it’ll write articles and School papers and marketing materials And business plans and and I asked it to Write two paragraphs on the Strategic Genius of the Marshall Plan in the style Of Shakespeare And it just spit it out And by the way you can use it to write Computer code so people are already Using it to write stock trading programs Although something tells me that’s Harder than it looks Anyway as I was experimenting with it I Have to confess that my reaction was Probably similar to a chimpanzee scene Fire for the first time which is Simultaneously fascinated and terrified Fascinated because it’s kind of Mind-boggling to imagine all the ways a Person might use this technology but It’s also terrifying Partly because you can practically feel The jobs evaporating I mean this kind of Tech is going to eliminate whole Categories of white-collar jobs I feel Like And I was expressing this concern to my

Colleague Chris looking for some Reassurance and he said look this is Going to open up gigantic new Possibilities that we we can’t picture You’re underestimating people’s Creativity You know it took a hundred years after The invention of the printing press Before they published the first Scientific journal but it only took a Year before they published the first Pornographic novel So get people some credit All right [Music] Is it weird that that actually makes me Feel better

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