Can CHATGPT write my PhD thesis? #shorts

Filming Gear
Canon SL2 (200D)
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Who am I:
I am a third year PhD student at the University of Waterloo studying accounting. I make videos about my PhD experience.


Hey everyone so chat gbt has been all Over the Internet for the past couple of Weeks and I really wanted to see if it Can actually make an impact in my Day-to-day workload as a PhD student Studying accounting so one of the things That I do every day is read a lot of Papers and I think chat gbt might be a Really cool way to help me summarize all The papers that I need to read so here I Have chat gbt opened up as an example For my test I’m going to use this paper This is a really popular paper within The accounting literature so here I just Inputted the following instruction Give Me a summary of the challenge of chavs 2002 paper the quality of accruals and Earnings the role of accrual estimation Errors okay let’s press enter Okay so it’s thinking this is the first Time I’m using chat EBT so I really Don’t know what to expect oh my God here It goes [Laughter] And look at that I have a summary of a 20 30 page paper and it only took about 20 to 30 seconds so if you’re a PhD Student and you have to do a literature Review maybe chat gbt should be a tool You should consider in your day-to-day Workload

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