Callback & Promise in JavaScript 🔥 | Callback Hell Vs Promise | Interview Tricks

PSD to HTML Conversion to Create Web Page

PSD is the design document created in Adobe Photoshop application. For creating web pages HTML, CSS, images and JavaScript’s are used. If you are planning to create your web page from PSD file then you should know all these technologies. The better way is to hire a professional HTML coder for getting this work done in much professional way.

Basic C Pointer Operations

For someone who studies Computer Science, pointers can be tricky at first place. I want to show some operations of pointers just make it clearer. Like integers, char and other variable types, pointer is also a variable. It holds an address of memory. Every single variable and even functions stored a specific place in computer memory. Let’s see a program:

Introduction To C

C is a general purpose middle level language. It combines the elements of low level with high level language. C was invented by Dennis Richie for system development works in 1970s.

Translation Companies Embrace Technological Advances

With the emergence and growth of instant translation on the web, language service providers are constantly asked if they are worried about the future of their industry. Despite all of the benefits of machine translation (MT), this burgeoning technology is still far from perfect. MT only works for certain language pairs that have sufficient data, and in addition, has a hard time dealing with the complexities of languages.

Domain First Programming

Recently there has been a lot of talk in programming circles about Domain Driven Design. Here we explore the merits of this approach.

About Microcontroller

The microcontroller is a special type of microprocessor and it integrates the components of microprocessor in single chip which builds a single integrated circuit, it contains the processor core, input/output peripheral and these microcontrollers needs the devices to collect the data from inputs. The microcontroller can be broadly classified as three types as 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontroller. The 8-bit microcontroller consists of internal buses and ALU.

Separate Social Media Website Traffic Using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics – Part 1

Google Analytics is a service that allows you to monitor visits to your website. When you create a Google Analytics account you are given a code that links your website with your account, so only you have access to your website’s statistics.

SharePoint Articles

SharePoint is a browser based web application developed by Microsoft that enables users within an organization to work together, collaborate, more efficiently through its vast number of features. Some of the features include the following. Document Management, Web Content Management, Business Process Management (Workflows), Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence (Dashboards, Reports), Electronic Forms (InfoPath), Social Networking.

About Java

Java is a programming language, which is based on the object oriented technology. It was invented by James Gosling in 1991, at Sun Microsystems. Initially it was called by the name “Oak”. Later in 1995, it was renamed as Java. Java stands Just Another Virtual Approach.

Change the Game on Bank HSMs

The main problem with banking HSMs is the interoperability issues surrounding HSM application programming interfaces (APIs) and applications which cause inefficient usage of capacity. These interfaces also make it difficult to integrate new and existing applications resulting in long delays in projects requiring crypto…

A Must – Choosing the Best Ecommerce Platform

By the way, while picking a hosted solution, make certain that your provider’s CISP certified and on Visa’s approved list. Their name has got to be in there to if you want trusted service and to avoid transaction problems.

Reeling Customers In With Video E-Mail Marketing

Video email marketing is sure to get you a 96% higher click-through rate and makes sure your business makes a big buzz. This way you’ll shine and cut through inbox clutter, make the competition bite your dust!

Advantages of Using Adobe Business Catalyst

If you have a great vision for your business’ growth to become very powerful, Adobe Business Catalyst is your best ally. With BC, you can start from just a basic hosting platform. Once your market demands a higher solution, you can upgrade it to a competitive online business center. It is basically what you need for a complete business breakthrough.

Have Your Business Fly With Adobe Business Catalyst

Face it. Simple websites borne out of ancient methods just don’t cut it anymore. Clients want-demand more functionality and better results from their websites. This means you need to put up a website with business functionality that achieves business goals. Most clients would want an online business and that’s exactly what Adobe Business Catalyst’s specialty is.

Getting Started With Business Catalyst – A Must Read

Adobe Business Catalyst is a content management system and considered an excellent product for web developers. It is a non-typical CMS (content management system) which provides a hosting solution, in addition to its various built-in features like website management, email marketing, as well as analytics established in one central cpanel. This is an all-in-one product significant to online businesses.

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