Callback Functions in JavaScript | JavaScript Tutorial

Investing In Computing Services

It makes sense to invest in Cloud Computing services as it can save your business a lot of money by saving on hardware and software costs, and you only pay for the IT services you use each month. The benefits of one service, SaaS, includes access to the most current features and updates.

Becoming a Professional Hacker – Are Programming Skills Really Necessary?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the world of ethical hacking. Do you need to learn how to program to become an penetration tester? My answer would be “You are NOT going to be a good hacker.”

Working With Net Framework 4.0

If until now I’ve written about the features and capabilities of .Net Framework 3.5, now it’s high time I talked about the 4.0 version. Released by Microsoft a year ago, on April 12, 2010, together with Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 2010 4.0 brings in updated tools which offer programmers the possibility to build applications with a great visual impact and reliable business orientated programs.

Web Testing – Important Interview Questions

Web testing is very important for any internet application to run successfully. Most of the web applications fail over the time because any web application accumulates data and tends to get more number of visitors as time passes.

Agile Project Management for Software Development – Why You Should Use It

The Agile approach to software development is becoming widely accepted as the best way to end up with software that matches the “true scope” of your project. There are some real benefits to using Agile as well as some drawbacks.

Hire a PHP Programmer to Create Robust Websites

Previously it was difficult for businesses to engage themselves in various development projects due to lack of professionals. Now there have been different web developing companies from where you can hire a PHP programmer.

PC Speed Booster – Computer Maintenance Has Never Been This Easy

Computers are susceptible to being physically damaged, invaded by viruses and hacked by notorious hackers. These and more are few of the many concerns of every computer user in the world. No one is exempted from these dreaded activities and common things that each personal computer is facing every single day. With PC Speed Booster, a person with computer problems is one click away to be on the know regarding what’s the latest in the world of computer maintenance and troubleshooting.

Understanding Database Modeling Tools

Your database management system (DBMS) defines the efficiency of your establishment’s database. It specifically manages the creation, maintenance and the usage of the database. Its interface depends mostly on the theoretical design called simply, the database model. The database model will basically determine the manner that data be stored, organized and controlled. It is simply the platform or the blueprint to which your database system can be structured.

Choosing the ‘Right’ Programming Language for Your Business Solutions

Most likely there are two reasons why you are reading this article at this moment. Either (1) you are starting a business and looking for the most apt software for the best price that will help you get ahead; or (2) you need to revamp your software and technology to stay ahead in this ultra competitive business world. There are an endless number of programming languages out there – Is java the best technology for your project or is it .Net, PHP or may be Perl. There are an equal number of databases to choose from – Access, mysql, SQL server or may be Oracle. But the question is – how to choose the ‘Right’ technology which is affordable and can cater to not only your current business needs but to its future requirements as well.

Rich Internet Applications – An Overview

An RIA, or rich internet application, is actually a web application which functions like a desktop application. Before the advent of RIAs, web applications mostly comprised of static pages.

A Newbie’s Guide to Making Games in Java

Java is free to use, and freely available. It’s also extremely accessible because of its flourishing community, which provides a free diverse array of tutorials, editors and other tools. Java is also remarkably powerful, like C++, but it’s also more refined and convenient, and thus easier to use, especially for the newbie.

OpenSSH for Windows Configuration Description

The OpenSSH server is intended for use on Windows NT-based Operating Systems. It is possible to use it on Windows 9x/ME systems, but that is not supported. The client tools will work on either platform.

Looks Good, Works Well and Costs Little: A Joomla! Web Site Is Best for Any Business

To present an informative and impressive collection of the features of their services, businesses need to put together electronic text, documents, pictures, sound and movies on the Web, so interested Internet visitors can find and browse through them. Information in various forms like text, audio and video is broadly what is referred to as content. Placing the corporate information on the Web, maintaining and updating from time to time and generally managing the content requires a good content management system (CMS).

Background Music For Your Website

A growing trend in the wondrous world of today’s internet is the addition of a background music track to a websites home page. With the ever increasing popularity and safety of online shopping, website owners are utilizing the effects that music can bring to a website. The result is, having one more tool working toward winning that conversion rate battle; that being turning visitors into buyers.

Cloud Computing Makes Business Sense

Cloud computing makes good business sense as it offers a solution that can change the way you run your business making it more efficient and saving valuable time and money. Interested? Then check it out and make your business a successful one.

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