Callback Functions in JavaScript

Benefits of ASP Dot NET Over ASP Web Application

With the development of .NET technology, many online business owners demand for migration of ASP to Active Server Pages. Net. The reason might be that this latest version of ASP allows programmers to develop more robust…

Key Concepts For Effective Software Projects Outsourcing

In its most basic form, outsourcing involves making a contract with an outside resource to complete a specified amount or type of work. This contract can be initiated with a company or an individual. Some clients turn to software projects outsourcing for assistance with technical work where the requirements can be clearly outlined and the software requires skills commonly found in the market.

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript library full of tools ready to be used – which means that it’s prewritten JavaScript, ready for you to put to work in your own webpages. Here, you a get a guided tour of what makes jQuery so popular. jQuery specializes in letting you select elements in a page, and it does that better than any JavaScript library.

More Reasons For Software Development Outsourcing

In the modern era, the development of programs for IT industry is taking place at a very fast pace all around the world with the massive growth of computer uses at home and outside. This calls for huge investment in these related industries to cater to the increasing Software Development Outsourcing demand as per the need of all concerned. The world wide progress of Information Technology at a fantastic rate has propelled the corresponding growth in the industry.

Benefits of Hiring VB Dot Net Developers From Offshore Web Development Companies

VB.Net or Visual Basic.Net is an object-oriented computer programming language which is highly used by web developers to develop web application over the .NET framework. Introduced by Microsoft, this programming language is a powerful tool for developing programs using .NET technology.

How Mobile Application Development and Mobile Apps Changed, and Continue to Change, My Life

My wristwatch lies in some forgotten, dark and dusty drawer; its ticks and tocks are sighs of despair. Left in a dark corner, it thinks of the attention it had received from my bored eyes; and it thinks evil thoughts of the mobile phone that separated us. My very first beaming, bright-eyed mobile showed the time quite well and my watch’s time with me came to an end.

Humans, You’re Fired

“Humans, You’re Fired!” I can hear Donald Trump now. And well, that’s about right I’d say, as artificial intelligence is here, and “IT” is here to stay!

Useful Email Tips For Beginners

The number of internet users is growing and it’s quite clear from the statistics too. Be it business email or a personal email, there are some etiquette that everyone should follow. Explore this article and learn more about them.

Using Modernizr and CSS3 Pie to Make ALL Your Websites CSS3 Ready

How to use Modernizr and CSS3 Pie to make all of your websites display CSS3 properties across all browsers. Load CSS3 Pie conditionally, so that modern browsers (including IE9) ignore it, and do not experience any additional download overhead.

All You Want to Know About a Facebook Shopping Cart

What is a Shopping Cart? A shopping cart is an application specifically designed for the retailers to sell their product / items on their Facebook page. The most attractive feature of Facebook shopping carts is that you don’t need to exit your Facebook page ever.

Understanding What Software Application Development Is All About

Software application development is used in order to create software programs that are more efficient and innovative. The main objective of this kind of work is to produce programs that are designed to work perfectly with the users main requirements. These programs are also designed to complement applications that the user may have purchased from the market.

5 Tips for Learning a Programming Language

Learning a computer programming language can be challenging, but certainly worth pursuing. Here are 5 tips for learning a programming language.

How To Choose Application Development Companies

Whether you need a custom application for your employees or customers, application development companies can help. With the right professionals on your project, you can create a user friendly and efficient program that helps you meet the needs of your diverse clientele. However, the right company must be carefully chosen after a thorough vetting process.

How To Choose The Best Offshore Outsource Software Development Company

Developing good computer and mobile applications is a very difficult task. For many companies, creating custom programs is nearly impossible to do in-house due to high costs, long turnaround times, and the need to hire additional employees. Fortunately, offshore outsource software development is a good option that can save money and result in the production of an easy-to-use application that has been built according to your specifications.

Tips For Choosing The Best Custom Software Development Service

In order to build the right kind of business, it is important to have a well known web presence. Those who are not yet published on the net might want to think about moving forward with the process. In order to get the right amount of help, look into this guide and learn how to choose the best custom software development service to work with.

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