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PSD to HTML5 conversion is very important and widely used in order to convert a file which is designed in PSD into other languages (markup) like HTML5. The important thing about the HTML5 markup language is that it is steadily becoming popular and is easily accessible by many internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple, Microsoft and Google chrome.

PSD to HTML Conversion: A Matter of Choice

There are a lot of companies offering markup services from all over the world. Here are some crucial aspects that should be taken into consideration while choosing a PSD to HTML service provider.

Multiplayer Game Development Services

Multiplayer game development has become popular in the recent years. More and more firms are offering multiplayer game development services.

What Everyone Should Know About HTML

When you type in a link into your browser and hit “Enter”, a certain server is contacted and after a short while you see a webpage in your browser. The server does not send an image with the page you see, but some code (text) that your browser can read and create the pag. This code is called HTML – Hyper text markup language. If you’re curios, you can always see the code for a page by choosing the option to view the source in your browser (right click and choose “View source” in Internet Explorer, CTRL+U in Firefox and Chrome etc).

Storing Images and Other Files In MySQL BLOB Fields

Some PHP applications call for the ability to store images and other files into a MySQL database instead of storing them somewhere on your server. In this article, we will look at one way to accomplish this.

Make Sure to Code My Site in HTML5

The vast amount of information available on the Internet and the increasing tech-savvy business owners are fostering a new understanding of web design, application development, social media, and more. But with all the information out there, make sure you separate the facts from the buzzwords.

How To Hire Excel Consultants

When you start receiving applications of prospective excel consultants, all you need to do, is check their portfolio or their previous job experience. If you are hiring experts from online websites, you will get the information easily.

HTML Visual Wonder With HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 Canvas element is a marvel that has allowed the web designers to embed the visual interactive images through the HTML language. With various attributes to its credit, it gives an output quite similar to real web software used in preparation of dynamic images and animations.

Ten Advantages of Selecting PHP Web Development

If you are new to PHP Web development and want to know why PHP is so popular then read this article. This article enlists top ten advantages of using PHP programming language for web application development.

Why You Should Hire ASP Dot Net Programmer and What’s Your Best Bet

Microsoft addressed most of the issues that created problems or ASP (Active Server Pages) developers and the result was ASP.NET. This improved version is excellent for building dynamic websites.

How To Develop A Simple iPhone App and Submit It To iTunes

The process to develop an iPhone app is not as hard or as simple as one might think. I am not a programmer, but wanted to see if I could teach myself how to develop an iPhone app. The news features all sorts of articles about kids as young as 9 that can make them. If they can do it, surely the rest of us can, too?

Understanding the Basics of Database Design Software

Isn’t it amazing how computer database interfaces today had evolved to a more user-friendly features where you can just input your queries and you can immediately retrieve the data you have been looking for. The functionality and resourcefulness of a database system is largely dependent upon the database designer and entity relationship diagrams that have been utilizing to develop, maintain and manipulate a database. Hence, with excellent database design software, users and programmers alike should expect convenience and quick response time.

How To Increase PHP Memory Limit And Upload File Limit And Script Execution Time

A PHP memory limit of 16MB is set by default in PHP. Some sites may need more than 32MB. Memory limits of 64MB and higher are not unusual. Default upload file limit is 2MB is quite low, especially if site works with photos which can easily have more then 32MB size. As for Script Execution time – it is set to 30 seconds by default but some tasks (for example service cron tasks) need more time to finish their job.

How to Develop iPhone Apps

Apple’s app store had sold more than 10 Billion apps by Januaryth 2011. This is just one indication of the possibilities of marketing your iPhone app. In this article I will cover some basic facts about how to develop iPhone apps.

Outsource Your PHP Development Work and Get Stunning Websites at Low Rates

Among all the languages used to develop websites today, most programmers would name PHP as their favorite option. And with good reason to: PHP is reliable, economical, fast and secure. The fact that it can be easily implanted into HTML, XHTML and other scripting languages makes it the first choice of programmers worldwide.

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