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Which One Is Developer-Friendly? Android OS or Apple iOS

With the ever-growing popularity and usage of mobile devices, it has been observed that the number of mobile app developers are increasing too. With the advancement in technology, developers today have a wide range of mobile app development platforms to choose from.

Programing, Websites, and You

So you want to build a website. Should you learn how to code, and what does that even mean? Let’s take a look at the main skills you should develop to tackle your online project.

Practical Features of SharePoint Development

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a web platform that is used to manage content and documents on the internet. Since its first launch in 2001, it has come a long way and now serves as a multi-purpose set of web tools that can be used by many enterprises and organizations to manage their daily business routine. Sharepoint development can facilities enterprises with certain tools and solutions such as internet portals, extranet, business intelligence tool, corporate websites, document and file management system, corporate search, and social networks.

Asp Dot Net Development – An Effective Web Development Platform

ASP.NET is one of the outstanding platforms for creating websites and web applications with a load of features. This framework comes with features-rich toolbox through which developers can easily create dynamic web apps.

What Is Page Rank?

Page Rank is an analytic that quantifies the worth of a particular page within your website, the search engine algorithm has set metrics to measure a page and its worth. First the algorithm will analyse the URL…

OsCommerce Development – Strongly Recommended for Ecommerce Solutions

OsCommerce makes possible the creation of the perfect virtual super store. It is an online shopping cart solution which is not only safe and secure, but which also makes your ‘webstore’ look great! If you wish to sell your product online in the global market, OsCommerce Development is the best choice for you.

CakePHP Website Development That’s As Easy As Pie

CakePHP is an open-source framework that makes web development a piece of cake. If you are up to having your company’s website developed, consider CakePHP for quick, dynamic but highly scalable results. CakePHP, as the name suggests, is written on PHP, a server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic websites.

Excel Tutorials – Workbook VBA Events Part 4

Workbook SheetCalculate Event – This will run after any of the worksheets within this specific workbook have to be calculated. This event occurs after the Worksheet SheetCalculate Event for that specific worksheet that was calculated…

Excel Tutorials – Workbook VBA Events Part 3

Workbook Open Event – This event will run every time this specific workbook is opened. Workbook PivotTableCloseConnection Event – This event will run every time a pivot table connection is closed within the specific workbook…

Benefits of the ASP Web Development

Various web development tools are accessible in the market for the web development at present. Although when a person is in search of some flexible plus dynamic web development interface, then they need to go in for the ASP.NET Web Application Development. This interface is among the most well-known web development packages obtainable in today’s competitive times.

Innovative Marketing Tool With Quick Response Codes

Trackable QR codes are a new service which is specially created to manage your own dynamic Quick Response codes. You can know the QR codes any time you want and keep on tracking their progress.

Free Software or Open Source Software: Let’s Cut To the Chase

Have you often felt confused by the use of two separate phrases- free software and open source software for representing what seems to be the same thing? They are actually not exactly the same. This article will shed some light on how these two movements differ subtly, while evaluating the implications of these differences for the point of view of an organization.

Excel Tutorials – Workbook VBA Events Part 2

Workbook BeforeSave Event – This event will run before a workbook saves. Read more…

Excel Tutorials – Workbook VBA Events Part 1

Workbook Activate Event – This event will run code whenever this specific workbook is activated. Read more…

Excel Tutorials – Worksheet VBA Events

Excel worksheet events allow users to run script of code based on various actions taken within a specific worksheet. With knowledge of these events and how to write Visual Basic code users can enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Excel dramatically.

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