Basic Recursion in JavaScript: Counting Crows Problem

How to Create a Programming Language

This article will tell you valuable information about writing a custom programming language. I will be talking about a lot of basic things you should know. If you are interested in writing your own programming language, you should understand what exactly one is, if you are uncertain at the moment.

Beware of Using Past War History for Algorithmic War Strategy Prediction Super Computers

Indeed, I am concerned about something, actually, I’m concerned about a lot of things, but specifically I am concerned about the security and safety of the great nation I live in. It sure took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build this awesome nation that we have today. That includes a lot of sacrifice from our ancestors, and hard work at the level that modern-day society here in the US may never understand fully.

Introduction to Web Programming 101

The What Web programming is all about setting up your own website. It is all about being able to get started setting up your own site so that you can begin the process of building some of those passive income streams that we have been talking about as well.

Benefits of iPhone Applications for Developing Businesses

Developed by Apple, iPhone has become the most popular invention of this era. It has become very attractive tool for entrepreneurs and individuals as it has remarkable features that help in business development and advancement.  It is an immense help to businessmen and professionals as it provides such great applications that bring business tool to their finger tips.

What Is CSLA Dot Net?

CSLA stands for Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture. CSLA is a widely used, open source software development framework for the building of scalable, reusable, and maintainable data management solutions with a wide variety of applications. These solutions can potentially be applied across the seemingly endless spectrum of business needs. CSLA was designed to be a tool which gives developers simple and definitive methods for creating object-oriented programs to manage data within a system. Because there are standard methods for managing data within programs written with CSLA, businesses can control more of the costs associated with building and servicing their systems.

Quality Assurance in Software Development

Successful software development quality assurance programs begin with a clear plan. Any such plan must include well-defined standards, methods, and procedures. These must then be strictly observed throughout the development process. As the development project moves forward, meaningful audits designed to reinforce compliance to these standards must also be performed. The standards of software quality assurance refer to well-known benchmarks by which the product being developed can be set against. Along similar lines, the procedures found in any good quality assurance program refer to fixed patterns to which the development process can be examined and adjusted as the case may be.

Eclipse Plugin Tips for Developing Application

The Eclipse plugin refers to all the apps that can be used with the Eclipse software. The original and initial form of the Eclipse was launched in November 2001. It was publicized by the IBM as a $40 million endowment to the Open Source community.

Arts And Science Graduates Can Step Into Technology Jobs With SAP Training

Information and Technology industry is one of the most highly regarded industries as it offers career opportunities for all kinds of people. Graduates with technical qualification can easily find their spot as a developer, consultant, programmer, designer or any other high paying technology jobs depending on their specialization while arts and science graduates had to look at them with envy. Now, you don’t have to step back and look at high paying technology jobs with a sense of loss because with SAP training, you too can step into the technology industry and make a good income.

Best Web Hosting Internet Language

Across the World Wide Web there are hundreds of millions of web sites that are hosted on thousands of web servers. Many businesses, people, organizations, institutions and governments all have their own internet sites, some more than one. Many others have hundreds or thousands each, yet more internet websites keep getting created every single day.

The Need for Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications are known for their “richness” in terms of responsiveness and web experience. There are many other traits of RIAs too.

Most Common Traits of Good Developers

After all of the years of working together with developers across the country from companies big and small, I have gradually made a shift in the way I see my fellow developers. I did previously measure each developer by the years of experience and how well they might rattle off the answers to technological questions. Looking back now, it is amazing how much talent I was turning away when conducting interviews since they couldn’t answer the questions which I thought were very basic to all C# developers. I convinced myself that a good developer should know all the particulars of the.NET platform, and should be able to answer all questions associated with the subject, but I discovered that I was wrong.

How to Manage Users and Groups in Linux

There are several ways to create a users and groups in Linux that are graphical, however the standard way to create a user is through the command line. Step one is to create the group, then create the user and place the user in the group. In Linux when a user is created without specifying a group then a group is created by the same name as the user.

Why Use CakePHP for Web Development

CakePHP is an open source framework which offers a rapid application development platform to web developers. As the name suggests, it uses PHP, the most popular open source programming language for developing web applications.

Sustainability for Better Workplace Performance Through Custom PHP Applications

Sustainability, particularly environmental sustainability, has now risen to the top of business agenda and we expect it to remain there for many years to come. This got us to think how sustainability in business can improve workplace performance by using Opensource technologies like PHP/MySQL.

Brand Image Development With Facebook Applications

The task of attracting customers to your products and services and marketing them well is the most difficult task entrepreneurs’ face. Whether it is introducing new products or re-launching old ones or improving their market value, the main concern is making the consumers aware of the benefits the product offers and how it can help them in their life to encourage them to use it. Gathering customers to new products and services is a challenging task and entrepreneurs seek help from various resources in order to market and promote their merchandise the best way.

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