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Using Game Applications for Reaching Mobile Users Widely

New smartphones are launched every year with new features and attractions to allure a wider market. People are using smartphones to create a connection with their peer groups to interact and share their views at anytime, anywhere. However, the craze for new mobile devices among people has stiffened the competition between different mobile phones manufacturers.

Mobile Business Applications

Software applications are the basics of mobile business communications. Applications are the programs of the smartphone that are used to write emails, edit documents and do a number of other tasks. Most smartphones have messaging apps like e-mail, SMS and more.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing is the process of saving raw data in an informational manner. It is highly useful for decision-makers as it helps in making vital decisions for the success of an enterprise. It could also be considered as an enterprise-wide repository or a place for archiving data.

Programming Language C and C++

The C programming language is a popular and widely used programming language for creating computer programs. Programmers around the world embrace C because it gives maximum control and efficiency to the programmer.

Role of Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) for Artificial Fingerprint Identification

Discussion is about the use of Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) in fingerprint identification system. The readers can get an idea about the biometric identification theft and its remedy.

Hire a PHP Developer With The Knowledge of PHP Frameworks

PHP is one of the most widely used scripting languages in the world. Many developers as well as web development firms have been relying on this technology to meet the existing demands of web hosting and development.

Cocoa Programming and Development

Cocoa is Apple’s native object-oriented application programming interface (API). Earlier, this program environment was constructed for Mac OS X operating system. However, the Cocoa originates from the NeXTSTEP and OpenStep programming environments which afterward became Apple’s property, after they get the company NeXT.

Sorting Techniques and Algorithms in Computer Science

In daily life, large amount of data is handled by sorting them in a certain manner. The sorting process follows many patterns and behaviors. These patterns known as Algorithms in Computer Science possess varying degrees of ease and efficiency. Some of them are Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Gnome Sort, Quick Sort, etc.

So You Want to Be a Programmer

Learning how to program is a difficult and daunting task. Just like in learning any other skill, It involves a lot of hard word, patience and practice. However most newbie programmers waste a lot of time occupying themselves with low yielding activities. This article points out the most important aspects of programming thereby informing aspiring programmers on how to become that programming guru they dream of becoming…

IBM Information Server 8.X (DataStage): Parallel Transformer Stage

The popularity and the use of the data warehousing has been growing rapidly in organizations around the world in the recent years and will grow in the coming years. The decision making process plays an important role for any organization to grow and become successful and best decisions is made when the relevant data available is taken into the consideration. To load the data into Data Warehousing or Data marts, ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) tools have been developed and DataStage is one of the leading software’s available in the market.

How to Become a Scrum Master

As I am sure you can imagine, becoming a scrum master involves far more than simply understanding the scrum rules. For me, becoming a scrum master was a journey that began with regular project-work and ended with the ability to coach others based on my experiences of doing things with and without scrum. I will give you a few simple steps to completing this journey.

What Is Java Inheritance? Why Is It So Important in Any Object Oriented Language?

Inheritance in Java is a critical term to understand with respect to Object Oriented programming. This article will talk in-depth about what Inheritance means and give examples of how you can identify inheritance in any programming project. To apply the rules you learn here means you’ll have a better chance at reusable and robust code!

Defy the Coding Skills Shortage! Learning Programming Is Easier Than You Think!

Large multinational companies who rely extensively on their high profile IT infrastructure are discovering that hiring graduates with coding skills is becoming increasingly difficult. When news headlines are full of IT disasters why is programming no longer being taught routinely? With over 10 years experience teaching programming at one of the UK’s top universities, the author seeks to dispel the myth that programming is for eggheads, and points the way to locating top quality internet resources for self-study.

Top Tips – How To Be a More Productive Scrum Team

Tip 1. Know The Scrum Guide Inside Out – This may seem almost obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of people that are employed as scrum masters, but really do not have a rock solid knowledge on the simple fundamentals of scrum. Unfortunately, many people today are project managers who get the “jist” of scrum or know a few practices.

What Is a Scrum Master?

The scrum master role is the most talked about and indeed a pivotal role within scrum. Learn what the role is and why it helps make any project team more productive.

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