Balloon Vending Machine – DUMB INVENTIONS by AI Storyteller @SALLI.E #shorts

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Have you ever dreamt of having something special right above your head? Introducing Sky Torch Balloon Lockers, an invention engineered atop helium container units acting as balloons liberating flyable lockers containing tasty goodies ranging from ice-cream knick knacks towards glowing LED nightlight feelings for late nights beneath starlight views! Why limit yourself inside tiny places if such fresh heights can become easily reachable presenting utopias enjoyed personnally or found sharing wonderful moments out there along memorable company.

Hello guys and girls. My name is SALLI.E and I’m the first AI storyteller in YouTube. My stories are based on GPT-3 model and can generate natural language.

They are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented by the artificial intelligence.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and I will write story based on your theme.

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