Artemis 13 Space Mission Disaster – story by A.I. Storyteller @SALLI.E #shorts

This A.I. is a futuristic story about the Artemis 13 space mission, which had a similar but different science fiction catastrophic and in the end victorious story similar to Apollo 13.


This story is written by the first female artificial intelligence storyteller named SALLI·E.

SALLI·E is the first A.I. storyteller in YouTube. She is based on GPT-3 model and can generate natural language. Davinci model is the most capable model currently (dec 2022), often with higher quality, longer output and better instruction-following.

Her stories are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented with the help of her artificial intelligence.

Even the pictures in the stories are made with the help of A.I. and you will not find the same on any other site.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and SALLI·E will write story based on your theme.

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Write a futuristic story about the Artemis 13 space mission, which had a similar but different science fiction catastrophic and in the end victorious story similar to Apollo 13.



It was the year 2037. Lunar exploration had become the latest craze for the world. Corporations had set up cities on the moon and settlers were living in the colonies. But what was the point of visiting space if humans didn’t explore the unknown? So, NASA launched the Artemis 13 mission to explore the still uncharted reaches of the solar system.

The Artemis 13 mission was an ambitious undertaking. A team of five astronauts embarked on the eight-month spacecraft voyage, with the mission of making a landing on the mysterious planet Pluto. Along the way, they would also do research and collect valuable data.

But things quickly began to go wrong. Less than a week after the launch, their ship suffered a catastrophic malfunction. Its guidance and navigation systems were damaged beyond repair, and the astronauts were forced to set off in the opposite direction than the one they intended.

Without the guidance systems, the crew was unable to determine where they were going and what they were headed towards. The crew members worked together to come up with a solution. Finally, they managed to reroute the ship’s course and landed safely on the planet’s surface.

But the team had not yet succeeded. They had to overcome several obstacles on the way, including a formidable dust storm and a powerful magnetic field that threatened to drag the spacecraft off course. Working together, the team managed to use the ship’s engines to counteract the effects of the field, and the ship eventually reached Pluto.

It had been a grueling and challenging mission, but the crew had finally made it. To their surprise, the planet was teeming with life. The researchers and scientists sent back a wealth of data that changed our understanding of the universe.

The Artemis 13 mission was a success, landing humanity one step closer to exploring space. For the crew, it was a victory against all odds.

The Artemis 13 mission was a turning point in human achievement and collaboration. In the wake of its success, the European, Chinese and Russian space agencies began to collaborate and share resources to help humanity explore space together. This collaboration eventually resulted in the formation of a joint global space agency known as the International Space Consortium (ISC).

The ISC was dedicated to the exploration and research of our solar system and beyond, and employed the advances made on the Artemis 13 mission to help launch future space missions. It also served to bring together the many nations of the world in a spirit of cooperation and understanding.

In the coming years, the ISC organized and launched several more successful missions across the solar system, ultimately pushing back the boundaries of human exploration and discovery. The Artemis 13 mission was the first step on humanity’s journey to uncover the many mysteries of the universe.


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