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Where Can We Use VoiceXML?

VoiceXML is the programming language for software applications that enable interaction between humans and computers through voice commands. While VoiceXML has already found a place in many industries, there are still many more to come.

Benefits of Mobile Application and Online Store to Download Apps

E-commerce websites are the online virtual market places where visitors purchase a product or services. ASP Dot Net is a Microsoft’s server-side technology and next generation of ASP. Here are reasons to consider it for E-commerce portal development.

6 Vital Aspects To Consider When Evaluating Code Generators

Code generators have been a hot topic in programming for many years. Love them or hate them, they can make your life much easier by making you more productive, your code more maintainable and creating a common development methodology. The difficult aspect is discerning which are vital aspects and which are nice to have.

Advantages of CMS Integration With PHP Web Applications

Content is king in online business. It plays an important role in earning the money. It is fact that all search engines like fresh content so you need to update your website everyday with fresh content.

Learn Android Programming

Android applications development features a software improvement kit (SDK) and supplies a variety of libraries and tools. The software improvement package offers a complete set of tools to design the consumer interface for an software and likewise to develop and debug software code…

Introduction to PHP Classes and Objects – Part 10

The programming paradigm we have learned so far is called Procedural Paradigm. In Procedural programming paradigm, programmer writes a program as collections of independently behaving procedures and makes use of procedure call to access those procedures.

Visual Studio 2010: Facts and Features

The successor of Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010 was launched almost a year ago, on April 12, 2010, together with.NET Framework 4. Both users and experts have big expectations from the latest version of Visual Studio, taking into account that its predecessor VS 2008 is still widely used by developers.

How to Monitor If an Image Loads Completed – HTML and Javascript Tips

Recently, a requirement about display images using Javascript came to me. The requirement is to display 3 images in a div tag and after 6 seconds, it should display 3 other images. The problem is that the images have to be loaded from a remote Internet site, so that the end user will have to wait when the images are loading.

Offshore Development Services That Cater to an International Clientele

Offshore development services can involve a range of activities such as web and software development, design, E commerce and multimedia solutions, graphic design, net marketing, site tracking services and several more. Web development services help the company in delivering solutions aimed at meeting the client’s requirements which can include .NET, PHP, Javanand so on.

Write Phone Applications With Web APIs

It used to be hard to write applications to make phone calls. But now, web services APIs make it easy!

Interactive Design Agency Can Help You to Sail the Web

In this world of stiff competition, online business is one of those sectors where the businessmen are trying their best to survive in the virtual marketplace. Some of these online businesses find it very difficult to attain their goals in the virtual world. If you are one of those business owners who find them lost in the web world and do not know how to make the right impression, do not worry!

Integrated Development Environments for Programming – Enhance Program Readability for People

Beginning computer programmers should start out right away establishing great habits for making computer programs readable for people. Integrated development environments provide a solid framework for accomplishing this goal.

Simple PHP Shopping Cart Software For PHP Development

Shopping cart software is a software used in E-commerce to assist people making purchases online, analogous to the American-English term’s shopping cart. In British-English it is generally known as a shopping basket. Almost exclusively shortened on website to ‘basket’.

Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching

Regular expressions allow you to create patterns that will match certain words such as names, emails, dates, or contact numbers. They can be used for a more sophisticated validation of data in forms.

How to Use PHP Substr

As you get more involved in using PHP, you will no doubt need to modify PHP strings at some point. While this should be easy, the instructions on the PHP website are not that clear. In this article, I will provide you with some examples and how to go about learning to manipulate PHP strings using substr.

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