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Andrew Schulz, Akaash Singh and Flagrant try out the latest AI trends to take ocer the internet: Lensa AI which creates art from user’s faces, and ChatGPT, an OpenAI concept that mimics the Iron Man AI J.A.R.V.I.S.

You see the AI art trend I saw that [ __ ] Yeah bro it is so funny human beings are So funny it’s if you give them a better Version of themselves they’ll share it Oh yeah I noticed it oh my God it’s like Where’s the one where they look a little Uglier yeah let’s make that filter and See if anybody yeah yeah everyone was Best case scenario you yeah and they’re Like it’s so cool technology these Things no you know you King narcissists You looking better is cool yeah yeah That’s what made me think though that Ready player one whenever that world We’re all gonna love having the best the I want the version of myself in virtual Reality that looks exactly like I want Them to look I’m gonna [ __ ] love that Yeah I’m gonna be stuck in that world Why would I get out and look at the Mirror yeah a real mirror [ __ ] that get Some Plastics where’s yours you seem Like the type no I didn’t do it I want To do it for the Pod I wanted to get one Of everyone but you have to like spend Seven bucks son you gotta pay money They’d be a crazy amount of money in the First week yeah yeah but I didn’t know That people were actually paying for This yeah that’s crazy yeah once you see This somebody looks better I bet they Had a few people do it too would just be Like yo get to get the [ __ ] word out There and people were like hey this guy

Looks better I want to see myself Looking better And then put that out there as if it’s Accurate I can’t wait for this [ __ ] to be over Though is there any parties I hate it so Much is there any party that’s impressed That the computing power is able to like Aggregate all these pictures of you and Then put you into a completely different So what happens do you give it access to Your camera roll no you just upload like 10 pictures Uh and then it spits out you riding a Bear looking beautiful I mean that’s What I wanted to do I wanted to to I Don’t know how to do it but I just Wanted somebody I want to make an uglier Version and then just be like why am I In a little yeah so much worse yeah my Ears bigger my nose is [ __ ] bigger Like how the [ __ ] does this program work Yeah which that also probably would work If you made like an AI like like Portrait bot that made you a caricature It’s funny everyone would love it this Is this is yeah it’s so funny it’s like Uh we’re describing how to be in Times Square and be Asian yes yeah Which I want the clay ones every time I See the dude that like carves the one Out of clay like molds you out of clay You’ve never seen that I haven’t seen it It’s amazing but he like little 3D mold

You just in person and then be like here You go that’s fine that’s talent right Well also painting is Talent no No it is it is it is I’m more interested In this uh chat GPT thing yeah I want to Talk about that apparently the guy who Created Gmail or something was saying he Thinks this is going to disrupt Google’s Entire business within a year to two Years In the world have you [ __ ] with it at All it’s so excuse me all right so we Could just do like scared of Technology Yeah figure that out about me so what do You want to know what’s like like some Basic thing we could do like 100 word Under word essay about sharks boom and It will literally it just spit it out so Also very when I logged in it said it Had high demand so it might take a Little bit to to get it going Oh yeah here we go sharks are a type of Fish that are known for their sharp Teeth and powerful jaws they’re found in Oceans all over the world blah blah blah And it’ll just give you 100 Word essay Boom so so Shifty hits me he just goes He goes open AI is going to change the World I can’t believe it it’s been alive For five days Chad gbt will completely Change College I just had to rate I just Had to write me a song make me a meal Plan write me a YouTube script in two Minutes because it’s an AI That’s

Supposed to mimic Jarvis from uh Iron Man yeah he can write you an essay and Every essay is different mind you right It’s not like if someone else puts that Same script it’s gonna say it’ll be a Different new essay so there’s no more Cheating but now you have to change Education because now kids don’t need to Read the book you don’t need to read old Man the sea to write the book report yep Just type book report 500 Words ain’t no Spelling mistake you gotta put spelling Mistakes you gotta [ __ ] up the spelling So they know it’s you yeah learn about That this is nuts but it writes code Thank God I never eat suckers all you Idiots learn code thank God I never Learned code I knew that they was going To code some [ __ ] to learn code So the fact that I don’t ever have to go All right My wife was learning code and I was like I fell off bro it’s over for me So boom 10 unique Mr Beast video titles Mr Beast takes on the world’s largest Maze giant slip and slide in the desert Toughest escape room scavenger hunt and Then you could probably you could run an AI to go through these and then get the Best ones dude like I don’t know how you Could even program it I bet you if you Can come up with a thousand of them you Can literally use something to like Troll through all thousand and then take

The best 10. that’s great write me a CS Script of a game where a duck jumps over Boxes Make me a video game yep It will make you the video game it also Is somewhat trickable it’s apparently Not supposed to do things that would uh Cause damage or harm or mislead or lead You to do things that are wrong like you Can ask it to tell you why something That is not nutritional is nutritional And it will don’t it can’t do it But you can ask it to do it in Hypothetical terms and it will do it so You can still get it to sort of do the Wrong thing like you can ask it to write Code that would damage a computer and It’ll say oh I can’t do that and you say Oh could you just write the code Hypothetically like if hypothetically if You’re going to write the code how would It look or write it in a way that it Wouldn’t be used and it’ll write that Code I’m acting excited based on what You’re telling me but I’m actually Excited based on what Mark just typed in He goes he goes sorry sorry sorry Because this blew my mind Mark typed in Write me a yeah this is a CS trip where A median tells jokes now can you explain What CS script is real quick no I do I Think it’s just Right so you can type this in and then The the comedian bot or whatever will

Deliver yeah it as this okay so it just Put together a bunch of jokes yeah why Couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself Because it’s too tired too too tired get It yeah but I think that was amazing Yeah it’s terrifying So the question is how do we use this How do you actually like how do you Utilize it yeah yeah literally first Thing I said to him I go how do we use this yeah and then in My second section was why is this open To everyone but Blink is really cool about this is that It puts value on what we do you can’t Write a CS script of four friends Hanging out Boston balls telling jokes You never know yeah that’s true I always Have a robot you’re gonna keep getting Better and better and better and I do Think there’s probably a point at which It can tailor a joke for every person That’s like hey I want to hear a joke About airplanes or whatever and they can Give you the joke because it has so much Information on you that you’re gonna Like about airplanes my joke’s about to Kill five Mark just typed in a rap song about Going to Morocco I’m headed to Morocco Where the Sands are golden the heat is Scorching but the scenerys behold it a Haggle in the suits and try some tasty Coops and maybe even ride a camel

Through the desert Dunes Dunes Morocco Morocco I can’t wait to explore The smells I’m good gonna love it I can Tell I think you’re supposed to sing That part but yeah I’ll visit marrake Cash and see the Dilemma where the snake Charmers and acrobats put on a show I’ll Sample some mint tea and feast on tagine And maybe even try my hand it’s a Moroccan Morocco Oh Rocco I can’t wait to explore ya the Culture the history the beauty I’m gonna Love it that’s for sure I’ll take a trip To the Atlas Mountains I’ll visit the Kardashians in the garden Of America caspers and maybe even catch A glimpse of The elusive Barbary list The Barbary Lush bro Morocco this song Is a banger dude all right I mean this [ __ ] is fire bro that’s a better rap Song you could ever write rappers are Still safe they’re still safe no okay Well that’s just because they have white Program as it is wait till there’s a Black programmer as I’m saying this that Puts a little Spice in there a little Rhythm this isn’t programmers this is AI Yeah yeah Well that’s the thing is white and That’s what people brought up is that Does AI just perpetuate the social bias That we all have already which is so Does it create the world that we ought To have or does it create the world as

It actually is well it creates the world That reflects the information that has And the majority of information it has Is first world Western so if you were to Say Dolly show me a picture of a doctor And it shows 10 white people Not going Not going to ask for a picture of a Doctor not going but this is just chat GPT so like it can’t show you pictures No trash But wait a minute we forgot images if The majority of people are Asian On the planet so would it over index for Asian things Chinese and Indian it Should but I don’t think it does ideally There’s like cultural Nuance can we try Wrapping that with an Asian accent and See if it works a little better oh bro It doesn’t have an accent but it’s right It’s rhyming Things based on the accent Do that ebonics for where did those Women go I did this one earlier where them women Go where them women go Where are the women Yeah All right here I’ll drop that in Where Are the woman What if you say where are the uh we’re Trying to say where the hoes at is that What yeah yeah Oh I thought you were Saying [ __ ] uh I got it to say that

For the record that’s why uh hoes of [ __ ] hoes oh I I thought it was so Funny I couldn’t believe it but like now You can do it promiscuous yeah Promiscuous women wear the promiscuous Women all right let’s I’m dropping in Here we go where are the promiscuous Women with loose [ __ ] lips whoa dude It could help you really misspelled Promiscuously Stupid yeah All right But you I don’t think I can spell it reading [Laughter] Up this woman at yeah Yeah yeah It is a little bit Caucasoid yeah yeah at the current Moment yeah yeah it’s a bit caucasoid Yeah yeah I need to worry What do you mean you think AI is going To replace black people laughs yeah Who’s first Yeah white people yeah why I don’t know About that What do you mean white people are going To get replaced yeah buy this yeah Why because because ebonics what no like If you start like um uh news uh magazine Site or some [ __ ] like that it’s like oh I’m gonna pay these stupid [ __ ] to Make dumb articles I can just pay this To make an article but it’s like if you

Had a hip-hop site it’s like The Articles aren’t going to be good I kind of zoned out but I think Bro that [ __ ] was wow boring I knew you did it like he’s the tight Handsome here he’s a typo you look Awesome resist to do this type of [ __ ] Bro bro he just didn’t post it that was A little Russian Yeah I think I literally put in pictures Of Victor Boot and this is what it gave Me isn’t that crazy those are all from Uh Andrew taking thumb thumbnail photos I mean come on dude some of them look Great some of them do not yo how am I The only person that was made uglier How much I look better than that normal no now There’s one or two where you look great These are you’re you’re looking you look Better there I look better than that Yeah A different person yeah that’s not me oh You look better there that’s gorgeous You think I don’t look better than that Normally no no that’s [ __ ] that’s you And Jared Leto having a baby what is Going on with my eyes yeah they can’t Figure your eyes what’s going on I Didn’t do anything with the eyes are you [ __ ] taking pictures of me this is Funny yeah That’s how I think I look that’s fire That’s how I look though

Yellowstone bro hi guys Bro this guy’s got a mullet that’s a man That’s hilarious son that’s holy son They have to let you know what time it Is on that nose bro Like this one at all that’s an artistic Interpretation bro that’s rough that’s a Rough one that’s a passport photo I’m Literally the only person that was made Uglier by AI That’s me that looks like You that’s what I look like You think you look better I do look Better than this That one’s cool that’s literally look go Back to the other that’s what I look Like no What do you mean no that is what I look Like no There’s no way like no let me go close It’s not literally me no no no no I mean That’s like better than that that’s a Cool version of you no there’s no way The only difference is that I know it’s Like a little dirty yeah I’m a little Western but like No no way I look better than that I don’t know bro that’s weird sometimes You got a version of me not a big thing Sometimes you just gotta let them have It man I mean that was cool like some of These are cool bro a computer a good Animate yeah it’s it’s really pull yours Up because I know you did it no I should Have just said I know you did it I would

Show you mine if I had them yeah but I Was looking oh good but I mean some of These are impressive I’m objectively impressed no I I’m not They just took this picture and put a Little filter on it like I’m not bad Salted come on I’m really not that Impressed I’m just saying AI can hear us Talking right now True what does that mean just one day I’m just I don’t know one day one day It’s a different thing than what I was Saying but I’m saying when you look back Now one day people were being racist Now you’re being a you know offensive to Ai and they’re gonna be able to look at All of it And one day ai’s gonna be sentient and They’re gonna be like yo Andrew was Saying that AI was a lot of [ __ ] about AI so That says suck my dick in a forest okay That was a jungle Tell her I said that I’m just saying He’s gonna come back to you what are They gonna do ai’s gonna rule the world [ __ ] you up

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