Alumni Panel I Coding for a Cause: Elevating Voices of Codesmith Alumni at Mission-Driven Companies

Join us as we host a special Codesmith alumni panel, “Coding for a Cause: Elevating Voices of Codesmith Alumni at Mission-Driven Companies,” where speakers share their experiences working with companies whose missions drive positive impact and change.

Meet the Panelists:

Cameron Hicks
Arcadia, Software Engineer 3 (Full Stack)
Cameron (NY23) entered Codesmith in 2020 after receiving an MFA in creative writing and working as a freelance writer and editor. She works in DC as a full stack engineer at Arcadia, a renewable energy tech company, and programs in JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

Justino Mora
USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, Senior Fellow (Former Sr. Software Engineer at RAICES)
Justino Mora is a software engineer, digital strategist, and immigrant rights activist. Most recently, Justino worked as the Senior Software Engineer at RAICES which is one of the largest legal service providers and immigrant rights organizations in the country. In 2019, Justino was a co-founding fellow of the Civic Media Fellowship housed at the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab where he co-taught a class, explored, researched, and contributed to the fields of participatory civic media and technology. Justino studied Political Science and Computer Science at UCLA and is deeply passionate about the intersections of tech, political advocacy, culture, and civic media. Over the last decade, Justino founded and managed several pro-immigration social media accounts that collectively reached an average of 6 million to 10 million people per week. Justino’s work and activism has been featured on The Nation, the New York Times, VICE News, TIME, and The Guardian. Justino has participated in and won several hackathons including Y Combinator’s April 2018 hackathon, DEBUG DC, and DREAMer hackathon. Some of Justino’s hobbies include hiking, running, and building basic robots.

Ronke Oyekunle
Omi, Cofounder
Ronke Oyekunle is the cofounder of Omi. Omi is a company that combines data & human experts to provide their users with the best products for aging gracefully, starting with skincare. Prior to Omi, Ronke was the Research Lead at Thirty Madison, one of the largest digital health startups in the country and spent a few years as a VC investor at NextEquity Partners where she invested in consumer, enterprise & healthcare companies.

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