Alumni Panel: Balancing Kids and the Codesmith Immersive

Alumni Panel: Balancing Kids and the Codesmith Immersive

We sat down with Codesmith Alums, Eric Saldivar (Software Engineer @ Mindbody), Eugene Lee (Software Engineer @ Capital One), and Kristin Tillotson (Software Engineer @ Codesmith), to discuss how they navigated balancing their parental responsibilities during the Immersive. They shared some tips on how to prepare and manage the day-to-day of the Codesmith Immersive and provided insight into what life looks like beyond.

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0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Panelist Introductions
3:38 – What did the day-to-day look like for you in regards to managing the hours during the Immersive and your parental responsibilities?
10:51 – What challenges or opportunities have you experienced as a parent during the Codesmith Immersive and your career afterward?
13:45 – Do you feel that the companies you are at offer you the flexibility you need, the paid leave you need, and salaries or other resources to support you as parents and enable you to secure high-quality child care?
20:27 – If you were to do the Immersive over again, would you do anything differently to help manage your responsibilities?
21:40 – What support systems do you feel the immersive program offered to assist in your completion in the program, while maintaining balance at home?
29:08 – How did you communicate what the immersive was to your kids?
32:53 – How has your experience with Codesmith and becoming a SWE impacted your family?
38:51 – What do you hope your kids/family will learn from your experience going through the Immersive and becoming an engineer?
43:32 – Audience Q&A

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