AI (chatgpt) powered devops

chatgpt is a real changer in day to day work in devops…
TLDR: trasnlating a windows batch script to bash…

Okay so just like uh everybody else in The attack world uh in the past week and I was playing around with GPT and it Blew my mind and yada and it you know It’s pretty amazing very very cool tool But I I didn’t realize I could actually Use it as a really really powerful tool In day to day devops or even mlaps kind Of work and workflow so this is like a Scenario what happened in the past like 30 minutes that really really blew my Mind away so what’s what what just Happened so basically I got this uh the Environment you know I’m integrating This core shaders uh trying to build A cicd around the uh this dot net core Application I got from from a partner And basically uh in the documentation Um I had like guidelines uh let’s go get Lab You got that Shell and inside the guidelines that my Partner gave he said look you should go To this build and Export command script And and run it you know okay command Lowercase this is probably for Windows Oh so now I go for this and I see if Dollar oh So I don’t you know I’m using a Mac so I Don’t I you know I can’t really relate To this so I said okay I can never Remember you know the parameters that When you you send to a bash script so

And I was just about to search for it in Google and instead I came to like chat Chat GPT and then I just came and said Okay script Okay And you know oh cool this is first Parameter second parameter and it’s Checking different things and the second And the first parameters you know and Then it’s checking zero the dollar zero Dollar one very very cool Yeah really really cool But then I kind of thought and it’s Explaining everything that you know this Is really cool ideas stuff that they Used to search for but the thing that Really blew my mind is I suddenly Thought wait a second let’s try Something else and I came to this Thing and I took all of this code And then I said Translate Now this this this is kinda crazy Because what’s Happening Here is it Actually went and it ran it it it Translated the bad script to bash it’s Explaining you know the the changes it Did and I ran this and it actually Worked so you know uh I guess it’s time To pack our bags and and just simply go You know the the AI overloads are going To come into the devops area pretty soon As well this is amazing bye

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