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Artificial intelligence is the future in The future is now [Music] Yeah yeah guys check it out I am on this is one of my All-time favorite cryptocurrency Projects that I think is going to really Revolutionize the economy and how we Look at our everydays lives I mean we’re Going to be talking about you know you You actually go on the internet now You’re already seeing AI starting to Trend on social media there’s been a lot Of hype about this chat That’s basically a chat gbt that Essentially can pretty much do anything You need to do whether it’s the right Code whether it’s to make characters for A book I mean make artwork you name it It’s able to do it in fact I even asked It as you can see here I wrote I said I Need an introduction about Singularitynet and artificial Intelligence for my YouTube channel and This is what it wrote Guys It wrote out for me it spelled it out Singularitynet is a decentralized Platform for AI Services it allows Individual AI algorithms to be bought And sold in a decentralized market using The platform’s native agix token this Allows anyone to access and use the AI Technologies helping to democratize Access to the technology artificial

Intelligence or AI refers to the ability Of a computer or machine to mimic human Cognitive abilities such as learning and Problem solving AI has the potential to Revolutionize many fields from medicine To Transportation by automain tasks and Making them more efficient however it Also raises important and ethical Concerns and questions about the future Of work and human machine Interactions yeah guys this is what it Spelled out to me so sometimes I notice Like when they’re is a high demand it Can sometimes be laggy but overall it Generally works really really well uh Like I said here here I’ll show you guys Approve it again I need an introduction For my channel on singularitynet Watch this guys watch it work thinking Long guys look at it boom Hi welcome to my channel on Singularitynet my name is blah blah I am A passion about potential of Decentralized AI and blockchain Technology to revolutionize the way we Live and work on this channel I’ll be Sharing my thoughts insights and updates On the latest developments in Singularinet ecosystem for those who are Not familiar with singular net is a Decentralized Marketplace for AI Services that allow anyone to buy and Sell AI Services algorithms and models In a transparent open way guys you just

Witnessed AI just basically literally Helped me create an introduction for This video Like this is proof in the pudding and Guys artificial intelligence is the Future as you guys could see here dude It basically this made my life a whole Lot easier and it did it within seconds And talk about singular net why is this Important for single internet well Singularitynet is basically a Marketplace for people to buy Services Just like chat gbt And they will only be able to buy those Services using their native token the Agix token And that is why I am a huge believer of This project and of singulairnet and the Agix token I think the value of this Token is obviously extremely undervalued Considering that people are going to Need to buy this token in order to use The services on the platform That’s what I’m really Blown Away on now Guys like I said full disclosure here I’m holding about 35 000 singular net tokens I do plan on Accumulating more if the price does go Down uh my goal is to eventually have 50 Maybe a hundred thousand singular net Tokens before the next Bull Run which You know I expect it to happen sometime Next year and I plan on holding it until At least one dollar guys I’m not gonna

Be dumping on it guys I’m not you know There’s already been those lawsuits that You know I don’t want the SEC after me Or anything like that uh full disclosure Here Not getting paid by singular net they Don’t even pay for shills not that I’m Aware of Um and uh yeah just a big believer lover Of the project I’m a holder and I plan On hold it until at least one dollar Guys one dollar maybe ten dollars we’ll See but I will try to start I will will Start price selling after one dollar That’s That’s yeah buddy so more to talk about Here I got some videos here as well to Show you guys This is more about the chat uh chat gbt To change our lives forever here we go Can you write a list of 10 viral YouTube Titles to help investors this is Andy Half fell on Tech talk giving him the Credit S and here they’re writing the titles And then can you write a YouTube video On Warren Buffett’s seven secrets to Successful investing Sure there’s a potential outline so it Actually doesn’t write the script for us Excuse me Mr chatbot can you make each Paragraph long something crazy add an Introduction and outro in total 1400 Words it doesn’t I’ll do that for you oh

Wow Unbelievable God so as you can see right We are all gonna be jobless guys On how to turn this into a high quality Video and actually get success I love it We love it here’s another guy listen to This guy this app Guys this has been trending all week bro Hey Elon Musk co-founder In other words you give this thing a Prompt and it will do your homework for You watch this write an essay on the Ethics of having Pokemon fight each Other [Music] Wow crazy now I want to make sure guys Not to get confused here there is no Singularity in that and chat gbt are not Together like there is no correlation of The two other than that chat gbt is a Artificial intelligence platform that a Tool that people can use in Singularity Net has features and tools similar to Chat gbt on their platform already that You can utilize and use and you just Have to purchase them using agix tokens And you have access it’s like a Subscription you’re able to utilize Those AI services using the agix token And talking a little bit more about Singularinet I mean dude I like I said I Love this project welcome the next Generation of decentralized AI what they Really talk about and I think is a

Really important is the vision you know Seeing Larry net is the world’s leading Decentralized AI Marketplace running on A blockchain their core mission is Development of the artificial general Intelligence AGI for the beneficial Technological singularity Now decentralized ai through emerging Blockchain technology creating a fair Distribution of power value and Technology in Global Commons so Decentralization is what’s really Important about AI because what Ben Gertzel the founder of AI what he really Talks about what he’s advocate of and What he’s worried about is if AI becomes Too powerful if it or if it got into the Hands of the wrong people that the the The advancements of this technology will Be so powering that anyone be able to Easily monopolize the entire world if They completely controlled or had access To this technology so he really advocate And his solution is decentralization Like this technology in order for it to Work it needs to be decentralized and The way they’re using the way it’s being Decentralized is using blockchain Technology so yeah lots is going on here On the website you guys can all find the Links down in the description uh they Even offer agix staking and bridging of The tokens so more utilization there as Well and if you guys are curious the

Agix token is built on the ethereum Blockchain and the cardano blockchain so It’s a cross chain of cardano and Ethereum so yeah look at this Ben Gertzel uh talk about the collaborations With cardano that’s very exciting in Fact I got this very interesting video I Want to show a few minutes of of his Interview Ben gerstall had an interview With London real and he talked about how You know talked about artificial Intelligence and how it can impact the World and eventually how harmful it Could be as well so let’s take a quick Listen here Once you get AIS that are massively Smarter than we are we’re in a domain Where we’re not going to be able to Predict what happened that is scary but It probably won’t stop the singularity Artificial intelligence [Music] 2029 you’ve got ai’s as smart as people By 2045 we have AIS boundlessly more Intelligent whatever happens with the Super intelligence its mind state will Be conditioned by the earlier AI what is AI mostly being used for on the planet Earth right now runs tanks and automated Gun machines could allow War to be Fought on a scale greater and faster Than ever before so inspiring killing And gambling are the primary goals and Values in the mind of the first Super

Intelligence I mean we’re not setting The best example in terms of the way Human Society is being regulated right Now nor the way we treat non-human life Farms on the planet Well if AI treats us the way we treat Less intelligent animals And what What it will actually treat humans the Same way that humans treat sub you know Intelligent animals or less intelligent Animals like you know cows and chickens And things like that That’s crazy I wanted to be more Compassionate to us than we are to each Other The attitude of wanting to Foster Productivity of all sentient beings is Quite important if we can get that Attitude into our super AI is we’re Going to be a lot better off guys Remember this Ben gerstle he is the Founder of singularinet of this project I want people to start deeply thinking And to start learning and studying and To be figuring out how they can best Contribute as to those in my own body They live an interesting time and I’ll Be even more interested Wow guys definitely very inspiring video You guys definitely should check it out London real Dr Ben gerstle uh like so Yeah guys let’s get in on this project Guys do your due diligence do your

Research get involved uh you know what I’m doing is you know I’m paying Attention following them on their Twitter account you can follow them on Singularitynet Uh you join their their uh platforms on Telegram and Discord I think it has bright future guys I Really do uh I’m gonna it’s like I said It’s my all-time favorite And uh but no Financial advice to you Guys no Financial advice like I said I’m I’m just personally blogging about this Showing you guys why I’m passionate Compassionate about and what I think the Future is for or what I see let’s come In here in the future that’s going to Offer a lot of value and use case so let Me know what you guys think down in the Comments uh let us know let me know if You think this video is informative also If you like and then enjoying this video Please give us a thumbs up and also if You have not subscribed to my YouTube Channel please go ahead and hit that Subscribe button and turn on the Notifications so that way you get Notified every time that I go live in my Post new videos so the ground’s got more Videos come more projects to talk about Is you know here at dap Center saying so Long and enjoy the rest your day adios [Applause] [Applause]

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