55 Callback Functions, Higher Order Functions – Javascript the complete Tutorial

Introduction to Java Concurrent Programming

When computers didn’t have operating systems yet, they executed only one program at the time. The program would run from the beginning to the end. Running only one program was the only way back then, and this is now seen as very inefficient. Because the program had access to all the resources in the computer at any time, programming was a lot simpler.

Desktop Vs Web Vs Mobile Applications

For the ones that still find these terms a little confusing, in this article I’ll try to make some light in this matter and to provide easy to understand examples which are representative for the three types of applications: web, desktop and mobile. […] For sure the number of mobile apps will increase, but this doesn’t mean that we need to pick a side right now. The future isn’t made exclusively of web/mobile/desktop applications. Until the merging technologies will say otherwise, we can employ the three types of apps to serve or daily needs.

Develop a Bespoken Software Application Today

Custom Software Application Development is most effective as it meet the exact desired requirement of the customer. Developing custom software will cater a significant improvement to the performance of the business. The dynamic solution offered by the outsourcing software development organization on custom application will asset to the value of the company in the future.

Recommended Books for Middleweight PHP Programmers

Here is my list of recommended learning for middleweight PHP programmers and developers. They books listed assume intermediate knowledge of PHP. They’re perfect for developers who want to learn more advanced features of the PHP language.

CSS3 Transitions

This is a brief look at the new transitions made available by CSS3. The W3C has made an effort to remove the need for some of the javascript and flash on sites. This allows them to be more standards compliant and search engine friendly, as well as easier to maintain. With some simple CSS code and HTML, you can get transitions up on 4 of the 5 major browsers.

Salient Features of Custom Application Development

Continuous excellent improvement in the Software development sector induces architects to develop custom application tailored on a sophisticated platform containing all the robust salient features. These innovative applications are user friendly that are easily executed to achieve profitable business solutions.

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for the Efficient Typist

Have you ever been caught up with a pile of documents to type out and wished there were a quicker way to get it all down. This can especially be hectic when you have a lot of symbols that need to be included.

About MVC

Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a classic design pattern often used by applications that need the ability to maintain multiple views of the same data. The MVC pattern hinges on a clean separation of objects into one of three categories 1). Model(M): The model object knows about all the data that need to be displayed.

iPhone Application Development Opportunity – Simple Apps For Small Firms

iPhone devices sell like the proverbial hot cakes, and young people wouldn’t consider leaving their homes without iPhone. Mobile application development has changed the focus of many IT companies. Less than a decade ago, software development was the only source of income for most companies; however, the popularity and proliferation of smartphones, coupled with increased number of people using smartphones to surf the internet and check their mails has changed the way IT firms function.

iPhone Application Development: Weird Apps That Make You Scratch Your Head

A number of iPhone apps have been created during the last few years; most of the apps are average, some are incredibly creative and fun, and there are others that are very useful. But then here are other rather ingenious apps that are not very useful or funny, but a little disturbing. This article lists some of the worst/zaniest iPhone apps around.

What Is Microsoft Excel? Part One

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application, or workbook. A workbook is a computer application that allows a user to enter a series of numbers, along with other data. The purpose of the Excel application is to allow users to collect like data in a specific location for current and/or future use.

Lean Software

When I first got into computer programming, we used the “waterfall” method of development. It involved several big steps: requirements, design, code, and test. It could take years to get a product ready for demonstration; it seemed more like a glacier than a waterfall.

Using Framework Which Is Provided by XML

XHTML provides the tried and true features of HTML in syntax compatible with the XML framework. As mentioned, XHTML is often described as a bridge between HTML and XML.

Industrial Wireless for Huge Machines

Nowadays we are living in the era of informative technology which helps us for easy communication. Wireless remote controls are very much conventional and effective machine. At the same time industrial wireless is also used for the gigantic machines to control the system.

Java GPU

Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) are used more and more as external accelerators to speed-up workloads normally running on CPUs. The main programming languages allowing to program GPUs are CUDA from NVIDIA and OpenCL from the Khronos consortium and there are both based on the C99 programming language. Beside those programming languages there are some APIs allowing to configure the so called computation kernels: setting parameters, transferring memory to and from the target device, starting the computation.

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