24- Function Declaration and Function Expression in JavaScript – JavaScript Tutorial

How to Start a Software Company Online

This article provides an introduction to the basics of starting a software company online. Elementary topics such as organizing a powerful team and finding the first clients are discussed in a friendly manner that’s easy to understand by every young entrepreneur.

Using Media Queries to Enhance the Browsing Experience of Consumers

As a business professional, it is important to understand that not all your clients will be using a traditional PC to access your site. In today’s technology driven world, individuals are accessing their favorite sites from a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers and more. However, if you have not utilized media queries to tailor your site to these other devices you could be losing customers who want to access your site from their on-the-go devices but aren’t getting the traditional site experience.

From Non-SAS Programmer to SAS Programmer

SAS Programmers come from many different educational backgrounds. Many have started their careers as a Data Manager in a CRO environment and then later became a SAS programmer. Others have gone through college and pursued degrees in math, statistics and computer science degrees.

Programming Steps for Beginner

Being a successful programmer is dreamt by most youth nowadays. It’s proven by the increasing number of students enrolled to study Information Technology (IT) at colleges. However, do we really need many years of experiences before we can develop great applications? For those who work in IT company must have known that we have to work several years before being trusted as the project manager. On the other hand, many of us have great ideas of applications that should be created that might generate income for us in the future.

Game Design: The Design Document

Well here we are again talking about game design. This time we are going to take a look at a tool that is worth its weight in gold; the design document.

Visual Basic 6: Intellectual Property and Code Ownership

Using Visual Basic 6 as the Front-End was a good idea at the time. But Visual Basic 6, released in 1988, cannot be purchased and extended support stopped in 2008. The number of willing programmers with the necessary skills and software resources to maintain an obsolete VB6 is rapidly diminishing. And the rates charged can be high. Any company still using a VB6 Front-End system is in danger of an unsupportable system falling apart at the seams. Making “just a simple change” to the system becomes a major operation – and expensive, if at all possible to do.

Language Integrated Queries (LINQ) and Visual Basic

LINQ is a better version of SQL – it is a part of ADO.NET and is integrated with VB.NET. It automatically maps the different data types of Visual Basic and SQL Server. LINQ now has the long missing option of using Visual Basic functionality in the data selection process.

Game Design: The Beginning

So here we are. Looks like a good time to discuss game design! Before we can design a game, we must ask a few basic questions. The answers to the questions will give us direction for designing our game:

Advantages of JQuery Effects Over Flash Animations

Flash is a great software to add excellent animations to webpages. Flash has been around for many years. Animations created using Flash are present in millions of websites. However, there are certain issues regarding Flash that are unaddressed even today. These issues are better addressed by jQuery. Though not all animations possible using Flash are possible using jQuery, recent advancements and new plugins have motivated programmers to substitute many Flash effects with those of jQuery. Let us discuss the advantages of jQuery effects over Flash.

Poorly Written Algorithms Creating False Positives – Condemning Good Citizens, A Growing Problem

Have you ever had the situation where perhaps your account was flagged because a computer thought it found something that was out of line? This might have happened while you did business with a large Corporation, perhaps with government records, perhaps at your college, or some other endeavor. It seems that more and more we have computer systems running everything, and sophisticated algorithms which try to catch fraud, mistakes, or erroneous data and they are constantly flagging things due to their special algorithms to find data that doesn’t match with reality.

What Are Content Management Systems And How Can They Help You?

If you are a conventional web developer building your own websites with core frameworks of PHP or J2EE (or similar technologies), you would be interested to know what content management systems (CMS) are. You could have heard about the savings in time and effort these systems can help you to achieve. Let us discuss what these systems actually are and ways they can help.

Types Of Advanced SQL Queries

Database programming using SQL (Structured Query Language) is essential to build dynamic websites. Database servers are becoming more and more powerful by getting involved in computations rather than just passively storing data. This means, some of the computational tasks are being taken care of by the database servers themselves. This has been made possible by the usage of advanced SQL query types. Let us discuss advanced SQL query types.

AI Synthesis of Memory Fragments During Human Brain Download to Computer Considered

In the future, it has been hypothesized that people will be able to upload their brain to a computer substrate. In other words you will be able to back up your brain, or in case your body fails, you can live in digital eternity inside of a computer while enjoying consciousness, albeit without your organic body. However, the technological challenges to upload an entire human brain may seem almost insurmountable at least with our presence scientific biological and computational abilities.

4 Websites to Learn Web Designing for Free

If you are looking forward to learn web designing for free either to become a freelancer or to build your own website, there are enormous tutorial sites on web teaching web technologies. Here are the top 4 websites that help you to learn web designing for free.

MongoDB Basics and Usage With Ruby on Rails

MongoDB is a collection-oriented, schema-free and document based database. It is scalable, high-performance, open source and written in C++. A key feature from a developer’s perspective would be its powerful query language.

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