16 Basics of Javascript – Function declaration + Hoisting

31 Tips For Successful Outsourcing

You’ve thought about all of the considerations of subcontracting work, prepared for the transition and found a great subcontractor. You’re ready to start outsourcing. Here are 31 tips to make your outsourcing experiences as smooth as possible.

Multi-Tenancy and SaaS Applications

Multi-tenancy and SaaS applications have grown in stature and have become exceedingly common. Hence there is a need to make use of such apps in different ways to manage today’s IT needs.

How to Create an Appealing Website

Whether designing a website for personal use or you are working for a web design agency, the main goal has to be to create a website that will attract people to your site aka bring traffic to your site. By doing this you increase the chance of increasing conversion and making money, if that’s what you have set a website up for.

10 Tips for Beginner Game Programming

When you first start learning to program, there are a bunch of easy mistakes that make you waste time or lose motivation. Here is a list of my Top Ten Tips for new game programmers, which will save you a lot of time and trouble. If only I had known about these when I had just started programming…

Hire the Best iPhone Developer

Started in 2008, the Apple’s iPhone App store embarked on the journey of instant success and sensation. Within six month of its commencement, there were at least 100,000 apps available, the number of which has risen to nearly 600,000 apps as of March 2012. Witnessing the potential of the iPhone apps development market, it is no surprise that entrepreneurs are inspired to invest in this business opportunity to initiate revenue and profit.

Redefine Your Business Strategies With Improved E-Commerce Solutions

If you are structuring new web promotion tactics to promote your online store you will require adequate implementation of enriched E-commerce Solutions. Without this, catching up aggressive competition in current business trends cannot be imagined. For having a presentable web store, you require organized website structure and interactive features representing your products or services.

Features of a Good Parental Control Software for Android Phones

The recent advancements in technology and IT sector have provided us with many benefits and amazing gadgets. Mobile phones are one of the most impressive and widely used gifts of this technological advancement.

Data Structures: The Glue That Joins Algorithms With Data

This article briefly discusses the role of data structures in software design. It also introduces you to the basic data structures.

What Do Web Developers Actually Do?

Common man often finds it difficult to draw a clear distinction between web developers and web designers and often treats them as one. This confusion mainly springs up due to the fact that in most of the organizations the same person will be rolling out the functions of both. Even though you can squeeze these totally different roles into a single person, the fact is that web developers can do web designing, but in an imperfect manner.

Significance of Content Marketing

Content marketing, often referred to as the crowned king among other marketing strategies, is the process of creating engaging content and building up of proper channels through which this content is conveyed. In a world where people enjoy ultimate freedom of exploration thanks to the Internet, traditional marketing, advertising and selling strategies are no longer valid. Content marketing is the preferred marketing tool for the present business-to-business (B2B) entrepreneur.

The De-Evolution of the RPG

In most cases video games are interactive stories. They allow the user to step into the story as the hero. One of the main goals of a story is to show the events unfold from the perspective of the protagonist. The hero of the story. Face it, there would be little pleasure in reading a book that didn’t have a lead character. It would be haphazard and confusing with an ending that would offer no real sense of accomplishment. This individual sense of accomplishment is one of the key failings in the modern MMO’s.

Microsoft Dot NET Vs PHP

Dot NET and PHP are two different web development platforms used for the design of dynamic web pages with database support. As an integrated development environment (IDE), PHP currently leads the market, but the choice between PHP and Microsoft’s.NET comes down to the user’s needs, budget, existing software infrastructure, and expertise.

The Joy of Programming

Programming is a very unique domain. It is a “recent” human activity (when viewed in terms of modern history). One could argue that programming is at the heart of the modern world (at least in terms of information technology goes). Then why is it that the mainstream seems to know so little? What do programmers know that the rest of us do not? What makes these modern wizards tick?

Unit Testing Tools for Microsoft Dot NET

Dot NET programmers must choose from dozens of testing frameworks before setting upon the tedious task of individually checking each unit of code for proper operation. The list of all possible tools is too massive to include here, but this article focuses on providing the typical programmer with the open-source tools necessary to build an exceptional application. No one tool will ever meet all of a user’s needs.

How to Become CASQ Certified

Certified Associate in Software Quality (CASQ) is one of several verifications which may be earned to distinguish skilled professionals in the quality assurance sector of the IT industry. Achieving this level of recognition provides documented evidence of the recipient’s competence in the basic methods of quality assurance.

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