15 Basics of Javascript – Function Declaration vs Function Expression

Choosing the Right Custom Software Developer

Whether it’s a well-established company or a brand new start-up, choosing a custom software developer isn’t always a walk in the park. There are several things to consider before investing a large amount of money that can significantly impact the business. These considerations aren’t only for the developer either, but for the customer as well.

The Nuts and Bolts of Android Development

I always hear the same question asked in several ways. “Can I actually learn how to produce apps for Android?” Today you are lucky, because I have already been down this road, and I have one resounding response: “Positively! It is really feasible to become able to write Android applications, no matter your background, and the tools to study and develop with are free and simple to use!”

Mobile Application Development Tips For Small Scale Businesses

Whether it is a small business or a large corporate enterprise, they cannot ignore the developing technologies especially mobile applications. The availability of enhanced mobile devices and the presence of so many added features along with them have attracted many users and this list is increasing on a daily basis.

Advantages Of Choosing Android For Mobile Application Development

Android is currently one of the most popular and widely used operating system for smart-phones. It is the biggest competitor of IT giant Apple Inc in the mobile device segment and gives tough competition to its elite range of iPhones and iPads.

BlackBerry Vs. iPhone – Which One Is Your Smartphone?

Two popular smartphones, both sell like hotcakes in the market. So can we ever try and avoid the discussion on which one’s the better? Particularly, when smartphones have become an integral part of the business world.

AI Chat Bots Are More Advanced – Still Too Argumentative and Rhetorical to Join a Think Tank

Okay so, I had this theory and this ongoing battle with the artificial intelligence community that they could not get an AI chat bot to survive a one-on-one phone interview to secure a job or position at a corporation, or convince someone who was a coordinator for a think tank to allow the AI bot to join. If you look at the chat bots we have today, it appears that the grad students programming the software are getting quite good at what they’re doing. In fact, often they are able to fool the person on the other side of an…

A Step by Step Guide Through the Waterfall Software Development Model

The waterfall software development model describes software engineering as a sequential process made up of distinct steps that proceed downwards, similar to a waterfall. Furthermore, once the process proceeds to the next phase, it cannot go back.

Optimisation – A Devil Unleashed

In today’s technological world, optimisation has creeped into our society like nothing else and is taking control of our thoughts faster than we even realise. This article attempts a creative description of the possible fate of engineering if people keep using optimisation, in a prematurish manner.

What Is CSLA 4?

With the official release of CSLA 4.3 in March, eyes are turned toward the release of CSLA 4.5, which will likely integrate with the new Windows 8 upon its completion. Those who are unfamiliar with what is becoming one of the most popular open source .NET development frameworks, however, may not realize what they’re missing.

Things To Consider For Mobile Apps Testing

If you are a freelance mobile developer or an individual who wants to develop and release his own applications then you would probably be doing a lot of testing over emulators and browsers etc. Testing is a very important phase of software development and you should take it very seriously. During the initial testing of the app over emulators everything might seem to function properly, which is a good thing, but an emulator only shows you how your application should work on a real device and you are never really sure how it would behave on the actual device.

SaaS and the Advantages of a Cloud Computing World

The emergence of SaaS signaled the change in outlook on how we view the modes of software delivery. And now, the world is transforming its view on having everything on the cloud.

The Web 2.0 World and Its Population: Open Source Is Just a Part of It!

The Internet has changed for the better. Even though, no one is sure what Web 1.0 was, Web 2.0 is often the most overused, and misunderstood term in the IT world. Open Source Application Development can be leveraged for making these concepts into reality.

Android Development – Free Apps Suck Power

Many users have reported that when they installed a particular app in their device, the battery got drained over the night. Though there are users who do not know which app is affecting their battery power. These users should stop using some favorite apps that they downloaded at free of cost.

Manage Your WordPress Blogs With The Top Mobile Applications

Innovations in the mobile and web industries have entirely transformed the face of information technology. This revolutionary change has been fuelled further with the emergence of smart mobile devices like Smartphones that can be seen almost everywhere.

Planning and Strategy for Creative Website Design

Creative website design and development is not an assembly line process. You cannot really point to a pre-existing platform or design and say, ‘I want one of those.’ A website is not just a product you go out and buy.

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