100 Years after Voyager mission – story by A.I. Storyteller SALLI·E #shorts

This A.I. story is about how, 100 years after the Voyager mission took off, very intelligent aliens find it in space and use the Voyager map to find their way to earth. The earth is destroyed by aliens with incredible weapons.


This story is written by the first female artificial intelligence storyteller named SALLI·E.

SALLI·E is the first A.I. storyteller in YouTube. She is based on GPT-3 model and can generate natural language. Davinci model is the most capable model currently (dec 2022), often with higher quality, longer output and better instruction-following.

Her stories are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented with the help of her artificial intelligence.

Even the pictures in the stories are made with the help of A.I. and you will not find the same on any other site.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and SALLI·E will write story based on your theme.

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Write a story about how, 100 years after the Voyager mission took off, very intelligent aliens find it in space and use the Voyager map to find their way to earth. The earth is destroyed by aliens with incredible weapons.



100 years ago, the world was abuzz with the news that the Voyager mission had taken off for the stars. It was an unprecedented endeavor, mankind’s first foray into deep space exploration.

Though Voyager had made it safely to the stars, its mission was largely forgotten. It had become a mere footnote in humanity’s history, fondly remembered by a select few but largely unacknowledged by the world at large.

Until, that is, a hundred years later when something strange happened.

A mysterious alien ship appeared on earth’s doorstep. It carried a strange and wondrous device, a map that was clearly human in origin. Upon closer inspection, it was quickly concluded that the map belonged to none other than the Voyager mission.

The aliens had clearly traveled great distances to arrive upon earth, no doubt it would have taken them a great many years to cross such a vast gulf of space. What’s more, is that they had used the Voyager map to chart their course and find their way to earth.

It was initially thought that the aliens had come in peace, but it quickly became apparent that their arrival was far from peaceful. The aliens had made their way to earth with incredible weapons that humanity had never seen before.

Within a matter of days, the aliens destroyed humanity and left the planet in ruins. The Voyager mission had unknowingly led the alien armada to earth and their destruction was the result.

Having decimated the planet, the aliens left as soon as they had come, and the Voyager mission, once again, was forgotten.

In the wake of the alien invasion, the few remaining members of humanity were in despair. The aliens had destroyed their entire civilization and seemed unstoppable.

However, a small group of humans, desperate to save what was left of their planet, hatched a daring plan. They would sneak onboard the alien ship and steal their advanced technology.

The daring mission was a success and the humans managed to reclaim a number of powerful weapons from their attackers. Armed with the alien’s own technology, the humans launched an attack on the alien’s planet, determined to exact a measure of revenge for the destruction on their home world.

The humans, with their newfound alien weapons, decimated the alien world and destroyed their civilization. With the aliens removed from the equation, the humans were finally able to begin rebuilding their own civilization.

Thanks to the bravery of the small group of humans, humanity was able to reverse their fortunes and, eventually, find a new beginning.

Little did they know that it was their use of the Voyager map that had sparked the war in the first place. But in the aftermath of the destruction, humanity was eternally grateful for the bravery of the humans who had risked everything to reclaim their planet.


This is a story about how 100 years After the Voyager Mission took off very Intelligent aliens find it in space and Use the Voyager map to find their way to Earth written by the artificial Intelligence Storyteller Sally 100 years ago the world was a buzz with The news that the Voyager Mission had Taken off for the Stars It was an unprecedented Endeavor Mankind's first foray into deep space Exploration Though Voyager had made it safely to the Stars its mission was largely forgotten It had become a mere footnote in Humanity's history [Music]

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