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Having an eCommerce Site? 5 Practical Tricks To Harness Its Full Potential

Even if you boast of having a vibrant eCommerce site that appeals to the customers, slight glitches in the performance aspect can cost your business. Before it’s too late, know the issues hindering your site’s performance and fix them. This article talks about some proven tricks to counterattack the common problem of every eCommerce, lesser loading speed.

5 Tricks And Ideas About The Best Selenium Web Driver + JAVA Training

The online selenium training course is becoming very popular and its popularity will continue to grow. The point that every sphere of work and business is now being digitalized, the demands of such training continue to soar.

How To Grow Business With A Mobile Application

The mobile app development field is growing as many companies show their interest to make their business mobile-friendly. The content talks about how you use a mobile app to grow your business.

Worried About Drupal Website Security? Check Out Top 5 Security Modules

This article is going to highlight on a few security modules offered by Drupal platform. Check out these security modules to prevent any kind of website security breaches. Well, this is an undeniable fact that for any site, one of the crucial concerns is the security.

Android Application Development: A Beginner’s Guide

Learning is a never-ending process and if you have that hunger in you, no task is unreachable. Android Application Development can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. Lots of in-depth knowledge is required to start on with the development process. Some of the terms which you might not be even familiar with pops up but special thanks to Google, which makes our task way easier. Take a deep sigh of relief and fasten your seatbelt for a big and a bumpy coding ahead.

ExceptionHandler Ruby on Rails Gem

ExceptionHandler is a Ruby on Rails “gem” which provides dynamic error pages for Rails based applications. Since its release in 2014, it’s quickly grown to become the most popular “error pages” gem for Ruby on Rails. If you’re interested in how it works, this tutorial should explain how it works from a technical perspective.

How to Choose an Online Payment Solution

So you are starting your own online business or you are helping to start a new one. And you want to quickly and seamlessly give users the capability to pay with their Credit Card for services or products. Be aware that developing your own online payment solution is not an option if you want to implement it quickly. So what can you do? There are many services out there that provide the necessary functionality to integrate such a service without difficulty and be ready for the marketplace.

The Most Popular Programming Languages of the Year 2018

Technology is an unavoidable necessity that has opened the expectant and long anticipated heart of the universe to exciting and amusing innovations. It has always dared to be at the forefront and vanguard of inventions, technical creativity and a novelty at its peak.

Essential Features of Devops Technology in This Cloud Era

DevOps is the evolution of traditional application development and operations roles driven by consumerization of all software and business demand for agility. DevOps facilitates the needs of today’s businesses to stay relevant by constantly innovating through software. DevOps is about people and processes as much as if not more than tools.

An Insider’s View Of FileMaker In A Modern Business Setup

FileMaker is a cross-platform and customer-relationship database application. It is being used by the small business houses. The FileMaker Inc. that was formerly known as Claris that is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The applications developed on it can be used on the Microsoft windows and Mac OS servers.

What Makes Drupal 8 The Best Choice for Business Owners? Know The Reasons

A dynamic and powerful content management system is something that every website needs to satisfy the users and also to remain competitive in the market. Various organizations choose to use Drupal development and switch over to the latest version of the software while many others have converted from the competitor open source software like WordPress, Joomla and etc.

Automating Linux Updates With Ansible And Rundeck

If you are experiencing growth within your organization and find yourself having to make tough decisions in the spirit of progress, solutions for keeping your IT team productive are definitely in order. One of the many ways that you can streamline productivity and limit mundane tasks lie in the ability to create scripts that eliminate repetition..

Exciting New Features In Java 9

In September, Oracle released Java SE 9 with over 150 new features. The latest version of the widely used programming language comes with several new features and APIs to accelerate development of applications for both large and small devices. At the same time, the features provided by Java 9 help programmers to improve application’s performance, security, and maintainability. Hence, it becomes essential for programmers to understand some of the key features provided by Java 9.

6 Web Scraping Tools To Acquire Data Without Coding

Ever since the Internet began growing regarding the data quality and size, the online businesses, researchers, data enthusiasts and programmers have started looking for tools to extract data from different big and small websites. Whether you need to extract data from a startup or have a research-based project, these web scraping tools will acquire information for you without coding.

The Future Calls For Swift: An All-New Programming Language for iOS Apps

While mobile app development in getting into the core of businesses, this article recounts how you can get a powerful app developed for iOS with the use of Swift. It is new intuitive and dominant language at present for iOS, MacOS, and even watchOS which is far more simple and featured than Objective C.

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