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Introduction to .NET

.NET is a consistent software development framework that enables the creation of various Windows desktop and Web applications.

Use of Poker Cards in Agile Sprint Planning

During Sprint planning Scrum a Team uses an estimation tool called poker cards as a unit of measure for estimating the overall size of a user story, feature, or even associated piece of work. This tool helps the team in a relaxed manner to assign points to stories or tasks.

Optimize SQL Queries Using EXPLAIN in PostgreSQL

Speed up sluggish SQL queries using EXPLAIN. Learn how to use this versatile command.

Is Java Grungy for Enterprise Development

Java is undoubtedly the most celebrated development platform so far. Before the inception of Java, increasing productivity of both end users and developers was the core industry trend. But in the early 90’s, with the introduction of WWW, this productivity trend was overthrown.

Implications of Cloud on Project Management

Cloud and Project management are two different concepts introduced for the industry to facilitate the proper operations and improve productivity. It is quite interesting to see the impact of cloud on the project management that how it advances the processes and profits an organization.

Microsoft Access for SMEs

Microsoft Access programming offers several benefits to the users and it is these very benefits which would bring complete transformation in your business prospects. One of the business benefits of MS Access application is that it is designed to manage and build the SME sized businesses which are otherwise are significant for the back office purposes.

An Easy Way for Mass Promotion of Your Business

Today, it is important for every business organization to make its wide reach, enhancing their products quality and varieties of their services. People come to know about these products and services through television radio and newspaper. Internet is the most innovative and the advance mediums for promoting your business. You can present all your business operations to the consumers in the most attractive and the impressive manner over web world. Through this medium, the information reaches to the mass audiences at one time and is more accessible as it can be retrieved any time, 24×7. Also, the medium allow audiences to have the complete knowledge of the products and services available in the market.

Benefits of Using Codeigniter for Development!

As the name suggests, Codeigniter is a power-packed booster for coding solutions on PHP. It has a plethora of benefits to offer to the developers and PHP experts with its easy-to-use and feature-filled tool set.

10 Mistakes Every Net Developer Would Regret

If you are an Asp.net developer, then mistakes should be taken care of in the next development venture. If you are a business owner and looking to hire.net developers, then ensure that your developers take care of the same while developing your web application.

3 Qualities You Should Look For On A W-E-B Designer

There are 3 main qualities to look for among the many website designers wanting to take on your project. From the term itself, you should look at W-E-B qualities of a particular designer to determine his appropriateness for you.

Efficient Ways for User Testing During Web and Mobile Apps Programming

Many times user testing or user research becomes a costly affair if we do it according to standard statistical methods during our web and mobile apps programming project. Therefore, we should think about quick and economical ideas of user testing – and that is guerrilla testing.

How To Hide or Expand Text And Why You Need It

Learn the basics for creating a dynamic web page that can show or hide text and you would ever want to do this in the first place. If you’re a non technical type, we also have a solution for you if you use WordPress. Pro tip, there is a plug-in that adds the code for you and allows you to simply use short codes to get the same effect.

.NET Application Development – The Amazement Continues!

As a developer you can get unparallel benefits in addressing issues like memory management, security and exception handling using .NET framework. .NET’s development schema allows the user to access different facilities using which they are able to assemble, create and generate varied modules and events by combining the source codes with the framework and other libraries. With extensive development possibilities provided by .NET framework, users have the choice to opt from different languages by implementing interoperability. This allows the developers to access the functionality implemented in old and new languages invariably, outside the development environment.

The Wonders of Java’s ‘Jini’

If you have been awaiting a revolutionary technology that could provide a breakthrough in Java software development then wait no more! Jini is on the floor and already making ripples. ini is the up-to-the-minute Java technology that has rendered a new perspective to a developer’s view of networking. With Jini, clients can access any hardware drive on a network, without changing configuration parameters or installing new drives. The driving vision of Jini is to establish a worldwide network that is powered by the collaborative functioning of software and hardware devices.

Do You Feel the Pinch for a WordPress Plugin?

OK! You have probably read hundreds of write-ups dictating the numerous benefits of using WordPress plugins and how effectively they add to the functionality of your HTML to WordPress site. But this post isn’t just about the utility of the plugins. It raises the potential question- whether you really need to utilize a plugin or not?

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